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How Jon Cryer Accepted His Now-Iconic Bald and Bearded Look

From once sporting a "spectacular mane" to his current bald look, actor Jon Cryer has shown off a variety of different hairdos over the years.

By Jax Miller

Listen, we get it. Hair loss happens to many, many people whether we like it or not. But some, including Extended Familys Jon Cryer, have put their transition on full display, inspiring bald men and women in all corners of the world, and reminding us bald really is beautiful.

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Jon Cryer's well-coiffed hairdo as Phillip "Duckie" Dale in Pretty in Pink is iconic, but his newer bald look, as seen on the new NBC sitcom Extended Family, is just as good.

Jon Cryer Talks About Going Bald

It’s one thing to deal with hair loss, but another to go through the process while making a living in the spotlight. But in 2013, Cryer, then starring on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, faced his baldness head-on when appearing on Conan, accepting the common occurrence with open arms.

During the talk show interview, host Conan O’Brien paid homage to Cryer’s “spectacular mane,” showing a photo of Cryer when he co-starred in the 1986 John Hughes rom-com Pretty in Pink. Cryer discussed how, back then, his hair had “unruly wonderfulness,” but noted that was clearly no longer the case.

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“It’s gone now,” said the actor.

Jon Cryer as Theodore "Teddy" Zakalokis in "The Famous Teddy Z"

When Conan pointed out how it appeared Cryer still had a solid head of hair, Cryer said it was all just an “elaborate illusion.”

“This is the work of several talented professionals making the most of, like, four hairs,” Cryer admitted.  

Cryer denied wearing a hairpiece, instead citing the “amazing” work of behind-the-scenes experts. Inviting the cameras to get an aerial view of his head, Cryer explained to live audiences that he regularly underwent “a long, involved process” that requires a shoe polish-type solution.

“They basically just paint — they get a roller-type thing — and just whoosh along the top,” explained Cryer. “You have to decide whether you’re going to go full Travolta and get the full front in. And then they literally sprinkle powder in from a salt shaker.”

When asked by Conan, Cryer said you’d be “out of luck” if caught in the rain.

Jon Cryer holds an Emmy trophy at the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

But rest assured. What Cryer is missing on the top of his head, he’s certainly making up for in facial hair! These days, he rocks a fully bald look with a great mustache and beard.

Hair loss hasn’t slowed Cryer’s show biz career, and he continues to make lemonade out of lemons. On August 17, 2019, Cryer published a laugh-out-loud post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, showing a side-by-side with himself and Hollywood actor John Travolta with the same style.

“Okay, I started going with the bald and bearded look, and then…” he wrote.

Cryer also posted about a “funny bald guy moment” in December 2022, featuring his real-life wife, Lisa Joyner.

“My wife tells me, ‘Wow, every time you put on a tee shirt, it looks like a baby being born,’” the Extended Family star wrote.

Jon Cryer smiles on the red carpet for the premiere of Big Time Adolescence

Cryer, who previously played Superman villain Lex Luthor on Supergirl, Arrow, and Batwoman, is also proud that the look mirrors one of the most diabolical nemeses of all time. The DC Comics character played by Cryer helped make the bald look iconic since Luther first appeared in the DC universe in the 1940s.

In 2019, Cryer had his mustache and beard to thank when Arrow executive producer, Marc Guggenheim, and Crisis comic book co-creator Marv Wolfman announced a comic book crossover with Crisis on Infinite Earths, as published by The Hollywood Reporter.

Lex Luthor was featured on the cover with all his bald-headed and bearded glory.

“My facial hair has asked me to express its gratitude at now being officially a part of DC Canon,” Cryer posted.

Fans love the bald and bearded look, and Cryer continues to do it in style.

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