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Relive Grace West's Unforgettable Performances on Team Blake During His Final Season

Shelton knew he was looking at a frontrunner immediately after Grace West's mesmerizing Blind Audition. 

By Jessica White
Country Superstar Grace West Deserved Blake's Last-Ever Chair Turn | The Voice | NBC

Season 23 of The Voice has come to an emotional crescendo as Gina Miles is crowned champion and fans bid farewell to longtime Coach Blake Shelton.

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The finale was packed with heartwarming moments and unforgettable performances from finalists and returning Artists and Coaches alike, so it will easily go down in history books. With newbie Coach Niall Horan securing a victory with his first season in the red chair, all eyes are on his return alongside Reba McEntireGwen Stefani, and John Legend in Season 24 of The Voice.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, Season 23 was packed with talent, and the runner-up brought her all during every stage of the competition.

Who came in second on The Voice 2023?

Grace West! 

Coming in at a very close second behind Miles is West, who holds the honor of being Shelton's last-ever chair turn. West's crystal clear pitch and timeless timbre made her an instant frontrunner on Shelton's last Team Blake. As the last member of Team Blake during Shelton's final season, he had a soft spot for the Nashville-based singer. 

Grace West performing on The Voice.

“Since the first time I heard you sing, I’ve just been excited,” Shelton told West during the competition. “I have this very unique, young artist that I get to work with on my last season. The fact that you’re the last person I even hit my button for — it’s just been really exciting to me.”

Grace West's Blind Audition

Grace West Sings Reba McEntire's "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" | The Voice Live Finale

The first time West tore down the house was during her rousing Blind Audition of Pam Tillis' "Maybe It Was Memphis." Shelton instantly fell in love with West's rustic tone and angelic range, leading him to duke it out against Niall Horan to secure West for his team. As Shelton's last-ever button press, Horan's pitch didn't stand a chance against the honor of being on the last Team Blake.

"The thing I love about Grace's voice is that there's no mistaking she's country. She's a perfect female country singer," Shelton said after finalizing Team Blake. "I gotta tell you, I'm sitting here talking about Grace right now. My heart swells to think about my journey on this show, 23 seasons, and for the last Artist for me to hit this button for. I didn't let it take over. I can't show any emotion, but I did get a little bit shook up."

Grace West's Battles performance

Carlos Rising vs. Grace West on Randy Travis' "I Told You So" | The Voice Battles | NBC

West duked it out against fellow Team Blake Artist Carlos Rising during The Voice Battles rounds by performing a touching duet of Randy Travis' "I Told You So." While the Coaches commended Rising for his versatile style, they couldn't deny that West was a unique voice within the competition.

"Grace, you know, it's not about doing a bunch of different things for you. It's that you're doing what you were born to do," Shelton told West during feedback. "And that's just country, whether you like it or not when it comes out of your mouth. And you embrace that, and that's what makes you classic."

Grace West's Knockouts performance

Grace West's Iconic Performance of Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again" | The Voice Knockouts | NBC

West continued to showcase her gorgeous vocals and magnetic stage presence during The Voice's Knockouts round when she performed Dolly Parton's "Here You Come Again."

“I love Grace’s song choice because it shows her tip of the hat to some of the old-school country,” Shelton said during rehearsals with West. “This gives Grace a chance to be playful and have fun on stage. Show a side of what she does that we haven’t seen yet.”

Grace West's Top 10 performance

Grace West Performs The Judds' "Love Is Alive" | The Voice Playoffs | NBC

West pulled out a personal favorite during The Voice Playoffs by performing "Love Is Alive" by The Judds. One of the first songs West ever learned on the guitar was The Judds' “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Old Days),” so West thought it was pretty spectacular to bring the instrument to the competition. 

“I was 13 when I first got this guitar from my grandpa,” West said during rehearsals. “I started taking it with me to gig places, and I brought it to Nashville … so it has been with me for every major musical event and experience I’ve had. Having the guitar with me is like having my family with me.”

Grace West's Top 8 performance

Grace West Performs Tammy Wynette's "'Til I Can Make It on My Own" | The Voice Live Semi-Final | NBC

West shined during The Voice Live Semi-Finals with a mesmerizing rendition of "'Til I Can Make It on My Own" by Tammy Wynette. In the first live episode, West's experience as a Nashville performer proved to be her ticket to success. 

“Representing Blake, in his final Lives, as a country artist — the only one on his team — that would be a dream come true,” West revealed during The Voice Playoffs. “I want to make the Live Shows to prove to myself that I can do this, the move to Nashville, not going to college — like I’m eating, sleeping, and breathing music. Like it’ll all be worth it.”

Grace West's Top 5 performance

Grace West Sings Reba McEntire's "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" | The Voice Live Finale

West embraced her country flair during Night 1 of The Voice Live Finale when she performed Reba McEntire's "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." It was a beautifully befitting performance considering McEntire was her Mega Mentor and now a Season 24 Coach of The Voice. Shelton was all smiles after watching West tear down the house. 

“I totally think Grace fits in with what’s happening with country music right now,” Shelton said following the jaw-dropping set. “The movement, especially for females, is leaning more traditional than it has in years.”

Grace West's Live Finale performances

Grace West Performs Patsy Cline's "She's Got You" | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

West's voice was perfect for Patsy Cline's classic, "She's Got You," and West didn't leave a single jaw un-dropped during her performance in The Voice Live Finale. The Coaches were hypnotized by West's effortless built and vocal dynamics as she tackled each note with perfect precision. As one of Season 23's top Artists, West was radiating the entire set as she delivered a passionate performance. 

Grace West's Live Finale Performances