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Who Are The Tallest and Shortest Quarterbacks in the NFL?

How do the NFL's 32 starting quarterbacks measure up?

By Matthew Jackson

When it comes to the physicality of quarterbacks, there are all kinds of different schools of thought. Some fans, and coaches, prefer their quarterbacks big, tall enough to see over any offensive lineman, with long limbs and long reaches. Others like a quarterback who's smaller, more maneuverable, easier to miss as he quickly picks his way around the pocket. Both have a history of working, which explains why we see quarterbacks of all sizes (relative to typical quarterback stature, that is) in the NFL. 

So which quarterbacks stand as the tallest in the league, and which are the shortest? Let's take a closer look at the presumed starters and how they measure up.

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Who Is the Tallest Quarterback in the NFL?

According to ESPN depth charts, looking at the vital stats for each quarterback currently listed as a starter, two passers are tied for the honor of being the tallest QB in the league at the moment. Measuring six feet, six inches, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence and San Diego Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert lead the field in terms of height this season. To find out who's taller, we'll have to get them both to stand straight up against the same doorframe, and mark their heights like they're in kindergarten. 

Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence looks to pass during a game.

But other QBs aren't far behind. There's also a two-way tie for second place in the height competition, as Buffalo Bills star Josh Allen and rising New York Giants passer Daniel Jones both come in at six feet, five inches. Get an inch shorter than that, and you've got several starting quarterbacks sitting at 6'4", including Cincinnati Bengals favorite Joe Burrow, Indianapolis Colts newcomer Anthony Richardson, and newly minted Green Bay Packers starter Jordan Love.

Who Is The Shortest Quarterback in the NFL?

At just five feet, ten inches, number one overall 2023 draft pick Bryce Young (who will start his NFL career in Carolina with the Panthers), and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray rank as the current shortest. 

Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray scrambles looking to pass the football.

But shorter quarterbacks are certainly not uncommon. Denver Broncos starter Russell Wilson runs at just 5'11", and while no current starters are six feet even, there are several who are six feet, one inches. These include San Francisco 49ers 2022 breakout star Brock Purdy, NFC Champion Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia, and Miami Dolphins star Tua Tagovailoa.

Who is The Tallest Quarterback in NFL History?

Dan McGwire, who stood 6 feet 8 inches tall, is the tallest recorded quarterback in NFL history. McGwire was a bit of a bust, drafted in 1997 and playing sparingly while bouncing between Seattle and Miami during his professional career.

Who is The Shortest Quarterbacking NFL History?

The distinction for shortest quarterback in NFL history looks to be a tie between Eddie LeBaron (who played in the 1950s) and Davey O'Brien (who played in the late 1930s), with both standing just 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

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Originally published Sep 1, 2023.

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