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Niall Horan Singing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion Is So Magical

Near, far, wherever you are...

By Christopher Rosa
Niall Horan Breaks Down 'Heaven' & 'This Town' Lyrics

Niall Horan delighted viewers as a first-time Coach on The Voice Season 23 — and he liked the gig so much that he's coming back for Season 24 alongside Gwen Stefani, John Legend, and Reba McEntire

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It's tough to predict how Horan's second season will go. His Artist, Gina Miles, won Season 23, so he clearly has an ear for talent. Ultimately, though, song choice is key for taking a Voice Artist all the way to the finish line. Horan proved in Season 23 he knows how to do this well — and if his recent ELLE "Song Association" video is any indication, he has plenty of other tracks in his arsenal that could make his Artists shine. 

For the unfamiliar, ELLE magazine has an ongoing video series where famous Artists are given a word and told to sing a song — any song — with that word. For Horan's go at the game, he delivered mini vocal performances of everything from "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion to "Firework" by Katy Perry (and, of course, a few of his original tunes). 

We have to say, Horan's take on the Dion classic is magical. Watch for yourself, below, to see what we mean:  

Speaking of magic: Horan told NBC Insider he knew instantly that Gina Miles was a special Artist

"There's nothing better than hearing a very individual voice," he said. "Hearing something that you've never heard before that really gets you and gives you goosebumps... I'm glad I went with waiting for someone that, like, actually gave me goosebumps. I think that's something that I'll take into next season because they're out there."

The Voice Niall Horan Gina Miles Duet3

Miles said she received some pretty solid advice form Horan that guided her through the season. 

"The best piece of advice is that you have to work hard, and that's the best way that you're going to combat being nervous is to be prepared," she said. "So we're just always prepared."

Horan added to this, "I still take that into performances I do now. You know, you've got three minutes on live television to do the best version of yourself, and I think if you're prepared, you're half the battle. And just have fun. I think it's very easy to come on a show like The Voice — and be with a lot of really technically gifted singers — and take that serious because you're technically gifted. But you forget sometimes that you're on a TV show and we're here to have fun. I think Gina's done that so well. She really enjoyed it and gave us some moments that we'll never forget."

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