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Minion's Café at Universal Orlando Resort Offers a Dining Experience Like No Other

Universal Orlando Resort's Minion's Café may not seem like a place for fine dining, but that's exactly what you'll get with a little Minions thrown in.

By Tyler McCarthy

Universal Resort Orlando’s new Minion’s Land offers a bevy of great stuff for kids, including its new Villain-Con ride, opportunities to get photos with Minions, and other Despicable Me characters. But what if we told you there's also great food?

Those who visit the park will surely spot the famous Minion’s Café, where they can stop in for lunch, dinner, or a delectable dessert that’s anything but ordinary, keeping with what you’d expect from food inspired by Gru’s mischievous, odd little henchmen, the Minions. Despite the park and restaurant being mostly kid-friendly, Project Manager at Universal Creative, Carson Luter, recently noted that adults will also surely be wowed by some of the “elevated” cuisine on offer at the cafe. 

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The Crispy Cauliflower at Minion Cafe
The Steak and Cheese Sandwich at Minion Cafe.

“Minion's Café, to me, kind of represents a step forward in how the resort is kind of treating these themed restaurants,” he told NBC Insider in a recent interview. “It’s a huge step forward. There’s like a kind of shockingly developed menu. To the point where [it’s] kind of wild that we have such elevated menu dishes for the Minion restaurant.”

He added: “I think that a lot of adults that come enjoy the food at the Minion's Café… So even if you’re not a super-big fan of the Minion films or anything, there’s something for you.”

One thing that perhaps adults aren’t expecting to see at a Minions-themed restaurant is tableside presentations. For example, Luter highlighted the noodle bowl themed after the Minion Otto. 

“The way they serve it, again, you’re at a theme park and they bring you this bowl that looks like Otto’s head full of noodles. And then they present it to you. And then they dump the noodles out and then pour the broth on. And it’s like… you would expect this at a fine-dining restaurant. But you’re at the Minion restaurant. It’s awesome!”

Minion Land Cuisine
The Honeymoon Soup at Minion Cafe

There’s more than just the showmanship of a good tableside preparation awaiting adults at Minion's Café. Alcoholic beverages are available with a valid photo ID proving you’re 21 years of age or older. And if you have dietary restrictions, fear not, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options are on the menu as well. In addition to Otto’s Noodle Bowl, you can order Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower, Agnes’ Honeymoon Soup, Fluffy's Unicorn Cupcake, and much more. All of it will delight your Minions fandom love and tastebuds alike.

Once you’re properly fueled up, you can exit the cafe and enjoy all the Minion’s Land activities you can handle as well as all the other incredible events happening at Universal Resort Orlando this summer, including the opening of the new DreamWorks Land. If you and your family love Gru’s band of misfits, you’ll love seeing the worlds of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, and Trolls come to life as well.

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