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Jimmy Fallon's Joe Biden Gets Election Advice from Barack Obama: Watch

Jimmy Fallon dusted off his Joe Biden impression for a faux phone call with "Barack Obama" following the June 27 presidential debate.

By Samantha Vincenty

On July 8, Jimmy Fallon busted out his Joe Biden impression in a sketch that found the 46th president hearing election advice from a former coworker: Barack Obama, played by actor Dion Flynn

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"Man, oh, man, President Biden is getting a lot of pressure to drop out of the race after this debate," Fallon told the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon audience, referring to the first 2024 presidential debate between Biden and Donald Trump on June 27 (which occurred while The Tonight Show was on a brief summer break). "A lot of critics have described it as, 'not, uh, good.' Some top Democrats have even been calling the President offering their advice."

Claiming that The Tonight Show "somehow got footage" of one of these D.C. calls, Fallon segued into a video of "Biden" (Fallon) answering his iPhone in the Oval Office.

"Hey, yo! I just caught your interview on Morning Joeor as I like to call it, Morning You," Flynn's Obama said in greeting. "You get it?"

"Who is this?" Fallon's Biden asked. 

"Come on. It's Barack!"

"You're gonna have to be more specific," Fallon's Biden answered, before claiming "that was just a test to see if you knew who you were!"

"Oh, Joe," Obama said. "You're making about as much sense as you did during the debate."

"Thank you," Fallon's Biden replied.

"Not a compliment," his former colleague clarified.

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Jimmy Fallon as President Joe Biden during the “Biden-Obama Phone Call” sketch on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon's Joe Biden gets election advice from Obama

"Speaking of the debate, I got to ask — what was that weird face you were making when Trump was talking? You know the face," the faux Obama asked, as Fallon's Biden captured the expression. "People are worried, because sometimes you seem to lose your train of thought mid-sentence, trail off, and then say a random word."

"Well, I can tell you that is simply and utterly...wheelbarrow," Fallon's Biden retorted.

Biden pointed out that 78-year-old Trump, who's also been caught making multiple gaffes on the campaign trail (including seemingly confusing Biden and Obama) is "just as incoherent."

"But he's a kind of, like, fun incoherent. Like a Minion, you know?" Obama said. "He's all, [gibberish]...'banana.'"

Begging off requests to take a cognitive test, Fallon also addressed the real Biden's insistence during a July 5 interview that only "the Lord Almighty" could make him drop out of the race. 

"I value his opinion," Fallon's Biden said of Jesus Christ. "He's my best friend from high school. He's a great guy. He's a good carpenter!"

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Despite mounting concern for Biden's viability as the presumptive Democratic nominee, Fallon echoed the real President Biden's intentions.

"I'm gonna stay in and I'm gonna fight, because American democracy is at stake. And that's a fact, Jack!" his Biden told Obama.

"Now, there's the Joe we're looking for. We need more of that," Flynn's Obama cheered. "Now, please, we're begging you. In the words of my girl Sabrina Carpenter, 'Please, please, please..."

"I love Sabrina. She's my favorite carpenter since Jesus," Fallon's Biden joked.

"Oh, look at Joe with the callback! You still got it, my man," Obama told him, as Carpenter's hit "Please Please Please" played the pair out.

Watch "Barack Obama Gives President Biden Some 2024 Election Advice" above.