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See The First Trailer For Peacock's In The Know From Zach Woods and Mike Judge

In The Know is a new workplace comedy series set at a fictional NPR series that will blend real-life guests with the animated cast of characters

By Tyler McCarthy

Peacock’s new adult animated series In The Know offered curious viewers their first look at the upcoming workplace comedy showcasing its blend of stop-motion animation and real-life celebrity interviews that’s truly unlike anything they've seen before. 

Created by The Office alum Zach Woods and TV legend Mike Judge, In The Know focuses on the making of a fictional National Public Radio show and the well-intentioned, over-sensitive and self-serious goofs who make it come to life each day. Chief among those goofs is the host of “In The Know,” Lauren Caspian (Woods), who spends each episode interviewing real celebrity guests who dial in via video chat for an off-the-rails interview that only NPR’s third most popular host can deliver. Meanwhile, his loveable band of co-workers will juggle the ins and outs of work life with hijinx like starting a frat, setting desks on fire and dancing in their underwear — you know, typical office stuff.

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The first trailer for In The Know offers a look at the celebrity faces who will appear in the six-episode series when it all drops on January 25th exclusively on Peacock. Joining Caspian for interviews will be popular real-life figures like Kaia Gerber, Jonathan Van Ness, Ken Burns, Finn Wolfhard, Norah Jones, Tegan and Sara Quin, Nicole Byer, Roxane Gay, Mike Tyson, Jorge Masvidal and Hugh Laurie. 

Unlike most talk shows, “In The Know” features hardball questions from the otherwise softball Caspian. For example, in the trailer, he asks boxer Mike Tyson if he’s ever wanted to look his opponent in the eye in the middle of a bout and say “I am enough!” 

Mike Tyson on In The Know Episode 104

“I do that when I smash his face,” Tyson replies. 

Who else in media will ask the great Hugh Laurie what we should do about former Suits actress Meghan Markle

“... I don’t know that any action is required,” Laurie responds.

Kaia Gerber on In The Know Episode 101

“We love public radio. It’s engaging and comforting. But it also reflects aspects of ourselves that we're embarrassed by. Which is why we created a show about an NPR host who is, sadly, an only slightly exaggerated version of ourselves,” Woods previously shared while announcing the show. “We’re privileged, well-intentioned, guilty hypocrites. We buy ethically-sourced dog treats and have them delivered by people who are penalized for bathroom breaks. We put ‘No Justice No Peace’ signs next to our home security lawn decals. We’re sanctimonious doofuses who should be ridiculed more.” 

Joining Woods’ host character is fellow series creator Mike Judge as Sandy the show’s culture critic. Caitlin Reilly will voice Fabian, the show’s researcher and fact checker with the help of Charlie Bushnell’s Chase, a college intern working at NPR. Rounding out the cast is J. Smith-Cameron as Barb, the co-executive producer of "In The Know" as well as Carl Tart, its sound engineer.

Catch all six episodes of In The Know when they drop exclusively on Peacock on January 25.