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Heidi Klum Gets Silly While Assisting Shadow Ace in His Latest Hilarious Act

AGT: Fantasy League's Heidi Klum found herself with an unconventional, and hysterical, suitor on in Shadow Ace's Finals Act.

By Jill Sederstrom

Shadow Ace ramped up the comedy in his Finals performance on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League with a little help from Judge Heidi Klum.

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Klum hilariously served as Shadow Ace’s assistant during the shadow puppetry Act, which had an eager shadow puppet trying to woo the supermodel amid the backdrop of musical classics like Kelis’ “Milkshake”, Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You” and even Klum’s own hit “Chai Tea with Heidi.”

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Klum was all too happy to play along, even adding some comedy of her own that just brought the act to another level.

“I love you  because I think that you are so clever and you always come up with something new,” she later praised the 24-year-old. “Thank you for having me as part of your Act.” 

Who is Shadow Ace?

Shadow Ace, wearing a black shirt, stands on stage with both hands holding a microphone up to his mouth.

Shadow Ace — whose real name is Phillip Jose P. Galit — first got his start while growing up in a small town in the Philippines. His family didn’t have electricity, so he entertained himself by making shadow puppets on the wall with candlelight

“My parents sell vegetables in the market,” he explained of his humble beginnings. “Even if we don’t have money, I feel that I am the luckiest person. My parent’s love is immeasurable and it’s really dear to me.”

The pastime quickly became his “happiness” and he perfected his talent by creating acts that blended music, comedy and of course, shadow puppets. 

With his parents unwavering support behind him, Shadow Ace first brought the act to America’s Got Talent, Season 18 where he made it to the Semifinals. He was then chosen to be a member of Judge Howie Mandel’s Dream Team for  America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League.

It’s safe to say Shadow Ace’s unique blend of silliness, shadows and light quickly resonated with fans. He was one of just two acts selected for the AGT: Fantasy League Finals by fan votes.

Shadow Ace Got Special Guest Encouragement

Shadow Ace on stage during America's Got Talent: Fantasy League Episode 101

To bring his Act to life, Shadow Ace has previously relied on Mandel’s bald head and Judge Simon Cowell’s distinctive profile to enhance the story he told with his hands, earning him praise from Cowell for being “really unique.” 

But for his finals’ performance, Shadow Ace turned to Klum for help and she was happy to lend her silhouette to help him pull off the hilarious Act.

Before he took the stage, Shadow Ace got some encouragement from two very special people in his life. Mandel arranged for his parents to record a video message all the way from the Philippines for their talented son.

“We’re so thankful to the lord for giving him that talent,” his mom said. 

“Ah, son, we’re so proud of you because you’ve come so far. We’re so happy for you,” his dad added, before they both shouted, “Good luck son! We love you!”

The heartfelt message brought Shadow Ace to tears. 

“Those are your mentors, those are the people that got you to this point,” Mandel told him. “Nobody’s more proud of you than they are. You ready to do it?” 

Inside Shadow Ace’s Finals Performance

Shadow Ace appears onstage during Season 1 Episode 7 of America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League

Shadow Ace had all the support he needed to step onto the stage for his Finals’ performance. After getting Klum situated in the right spot so that her profile was visible on a large white screen, Kelis’ “Milkshake” began to play as Shadow Ace used his hands to create a dancing figure. 

The shadow person then hilariously held up a milkshake to Klum, who pretended to drink from the long straw. The music switched to the Boyz II Men classic “I’ll Make Love to You,” as her shadow puppet suitor chivalrously wiped her face with a napkin, then pulled out a rose to offer her. 

As the music changed once more to “Chai Tea with Heidi,” a song by Klum, Snoop Dogg and WeddingCake, the shadow  figure offered Klum a microphone and she appeared to belt out the lyrics to her own hit. 

In the final chapter of the unconventional tale, the ‘90s classic “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred began to play as the shadow puppet primped, using a makeup brush and mini-hairbrush, before also helping Klum with the items. There was also a cringe-worthy moment with a q-tip, before Klum playfully landed a kiss on the shadow figure suitor as the song ended.

“That was amazing. Oh my gosh, I am so proud. You really stepped it up,” Mandel gushed after the Act. “Your parents are proud of you, I am proud of you, you need to be proud of yourself and you deserve to be here because it was the people that voted you here tonight, not a Golden Buzzer.”

Judge Mel B. added that she’s always eager to see what Shadow Ace will come up with next.

“There’s always comedy, you always have amazing music, Heidi’s song, it’s always great and you’re just fun,” she said. “What you do with your hands is magical. You tell a story and I love it.”


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