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Gwen Stefani Surprises "Jerk" Blake Shelton with Margaritas to Celebrate The Voice Ending

"The Voice is gonna go on, but Blake's legacy will be there forever," Stefani said at the Season 23 finale.

By Jackie Manno
Grace West and Blake Shelton Perform "Lonely Tonight" | The Voice Live Finale | NBC

Gwen Stefani wasn't going to let her husband, Blake Shelton, complete his last-ever episode on The Voice without a big celebration!

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On May 22, she posted a candid video of herself, Shelton, Carson Daly, and some friends getting together before the finale episode to toast in the most fabulous way: with margaritas. 

"OK just to fill you in, [Blake's] really has been, like, a jerk," Stefani said to the camera jokingly. "Like, he thinks that I'm having some big party for him tomorrow, and I'm not. So tonight was sort of a surprise." 

But when Shelton arrived, he still thought Stefani was going to give him a party. "You lied to me," he teased after imitating her voice in an English accent. The table then all cheered together while Shelton took a sip of his drink. It sure looks like a party to us!

Shelton's last episode on The Voice on May 23 was an emotional one. Stefani herself recorded a touching tribute to Shelton, which aired that night. 

"Who would've thought this Orange County girl and this country guy from Oklahoma would find each other on the set of The Voice?" Stefani said.  "Blake and I started becoming besties and falling in love. To find my soulmate...it's hard for me to even talk about it without getting super emotional." 

"Twenty-three seasons, he has truly changed people's lives. The Voice is gonna go on, but Blake's legacy will be there forever. The Voice is the reason that I met Blake Shelton, and my life completely changed after that." 

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on stage at Blake Shelton's Star Ceremony on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

Shelton himself then revealed that he and Stefani discuss their timely meeting on the show on a regular basis. He described it as "the greatest thing that's ever happened to me in my life."  

This heartwarming finale video isn't the only time recently Stefani has said some sweet words to her husband. During Shelton's Hollywood Walk of Fame induction, Stefani gave the most thoughtful speech on Shelton's impressive music career and warm personality. 

"Blake, you are a rare human being, and for all the success that you have had in your life as a singer, a songwriter, a musician, a performer, an entertainer, an actor, a comedian, an entrepreneur, he's the same guy today as he was back then," she said. "A country guy with a lot of love for country music. He's magnetic, the most generous person you'll ever know, and always just him no matter where he goes. Making people laugh, making people happy, making jokes. The reason Blake Shelton is here today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is because you are part of the country dream, the Hollywood dream, and you are part of the American dream. And everybody knows you are my dream come true. I love you."