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Why Blake Shelton Recently Wrote "a Couple Letters" to Taylor Swift

The country hitmaker is attempting to connect with Swift for a very cool reason. 

By Jackie Manno

It turns out that Blake Shelton is a Swiftie like the rest of us.

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the OG The Voice Coach (Seasons 1-23) was discussing the latest location of his bar chain, Ole Red, when the conversation got Swiftian. 

"You don't expect there to be this country music honky tonk right here on the strip, but it's here and it feels like it's here to stay," Shelton explained. "... It really does feel like you've stepped in through a portal and you're in Nashville when you come through the doors, which is so perfect for Las Vegas because country music has always had a place here... I think it's gonna be great for the country music industry to have this home base here in Vegas."

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Ole Red has been known to have amazing live performances, as its slogan is “top country talent, served hot all day.” This includes up-and-coming country artists, former The Voice artists, and Shelton himself. However, Shelton believes there is one major thing missing from his honky-tonk venues: mega hitmaker Taylor Swift. 

Shelton is currently in the process of using his convincing ways to get Swift to make an appearance at one of his many locations. (Swift does have her roots in country music, after all.) 

“We’ve got a couple of letters I’ve written sent to the town that she lives in, hoping she’ll get them,” Shelton said, before adding that no, unfortunately, he does not have Swift's number. 

Taylor Swift on The Voice 

Swift and Shelton actually go way back, as Swift has appeared on The Voice on two seasons.  We first saw her in Season 7 as an Advisor during the Knockouts, and again in Season 17 as the Knockouts Mega Mentor.

“A lot of people don’t realize I raised Taylor Swift in the country music world, and she knows it,” Shelton joked to Entertainment Tonight in 2019 about Swift's involvement with The Voice. “She’s super smart, and she’s really good at looking at somebody’s performance and listening to them and being able to go, ‘I know a couple things here that instantly, I think, we can tweak on, and it will take it to the next level.’ She’s really good at that.”

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During Swift's Season 17 appearance, she mentored the group Hello Sunday, comprised of friends Myla Finks and Chelsea Grover, who were only 14 at the time. Swift was so moved by the duo's performances during rehearsals that she literally started crying. Read more about it here