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The Emotional Reason Nightbirde is Simon's All-Time Favorite Golden Buzzer Audition

"I adored her."

By Tayi Sanusi
Nightbirde | Simon Cowell's Favorite Golden Buzzer Moments | NBC's AGT

As one of the most-watched talent competition shows on TV, America's Got Talent has seen its fair share of memorable Acts. Although plenty of great Acts get standing ovations and praise from the panel of Judges, the Golden Buzzer is the ultimate acknowledgment of next-level talent.

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According to Judge Simon Cowell, there's one Golden Buzzer moment that will always stand out from the rest. 

Jane "Nightbirde" Marczewski received the honorary Golden Buzzer from Cowell during the first round of Season 16 Auditions. "There was something really special about Jane, I adored her," Cowell told AGT Host Terry Crews in the above video from July 5's Simon's Favorite Golden Buzzers episode. "The last time I saw her, she did say what that moment meant to her. All these years she had been trying to get recognition as a songwriter, as a singer...I promise you, so many people come up to me and talked about what she did, giving people hope and perspective."

During Marczewski's Audition, she was very open about her ongoing battle with cancer, and Cowell was blown away by both her talent and overwhelming message of hope. 

"What was so special about Jane, in my opinion, was she was always optimistic," said Cowell. "She recently passed away, which makes this tough, but all she kept talking about was her music. You know what? It's difficult, I haven't been able to watch [her Audition video] since she passed."

After her four-year battle with cancer, Marczewski passed away on February 19, 2022. However, her inspirational message lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone she touched with her talent and authenticity. 

Simon Cowell applauding Nightbirde, who stands next to him onstage

"You know, she typifies, I think, what the Golden Buzzer, like you said, is all about," Cowell said to Crews. "She knew how sick she was and she couldn't make the Finals, but I think watching it back, it makes you feel hopeful. Her Golden Buzzer will live on forever. No one else, in my opinion, could be number one."

This story was originally published on July 7, 2022. It was updated on May 30, 2023.