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This Famous Blacklister Joined Red's Team — and Helped Execute a Surprising Murder

Reddington says the Season 3 Blacklister has mastered "the art of virtual warfare."

By Jessica White
On set of The Blacklist, Season 3 Episode 1 The Troll Farmer.

Raymond Reddington (James Spader) has brushed shoulders with dozens of horrific criminals in the decade The Blacklist has been on the air. But the Troll Farmer is easily one of the most creative ones the Task Force has ever encountered. 

Like many Blacklisters on Red's infamous list, the Troll Farmer is a former colleague of his. What began as an alliance soon bloomed into a complicated relationship. Below, read all about this Season 3 Blacklister who fans won't ever forget: 

Who is the Troll Farmer (Aaron Yoo) on The Blacklist?

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Bo Chang, also known as the Troll Farmer and #38 on the Blacklist, is a Season 3 antagonist hired by Red for his profound technical capabilities. The Troll Farmer is a computer genius who earned his pseudonym for his M.O. of rallying internet "trolls" to flood cyberspaces so he can manipulate outcomes. Red says the Troll Farmer has "mastered the art of virtual warfare," once spreading fake rumors of an Ebola outbreak to benefit a pharmaceutical company, and later staging a fake terrorist attack in Paris to distract from an art heist.

The Troll Farmer is a hired hand who uses fake disease outbreaks, false terrorist attacks, and tampered news stories to play out his illegal mis-dealings. Using Photoshop and thousands of fake social media accounts, the Troll Farmer makes a living by planting the seeds of internet panic. He cultivates disinformation to invoke real paranoia, dramatically influencing stock prices, government legislation, and more.

So let's jump back to Season 3 for context: Red and Liz Keen (Megan Boone) were on the run from the FBI after Liz killed numerous government officials at the end of Season 2. (She was in the right for this; they were all members of a secret criminal organization called The Cabal.) But regardless of moral ground, Keen was believed to be the fugitive daughter or a KGB spy, which wasn't great for her goal of staying out of prison. But luckily, she had Red on her side to get the Task Force and FBI off their tail. 

Enter the Troll Farmer, who hates that name, by the way. Red had the Troll Farmer on a three-year retainer, hiring him to divert the FBI and authorities with false status updates and police sightings of Liz and Red's movements. And it goes swimmingly until they realize they're just kicking the can down the road. 

Knowing that Liz is only able to run from the FBI for so long, Red strikes up a deal with the Task Force to gain them some wiggle room. And what is Red notorious for using to bargain and barter with the authorities? Blacklister information! Red calls up Agent Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and provides the name and location of the Troll Farmer and his internet goons, under the agreement they will leave Keen alone. 

Red is no stranger to stabbing someone in the back, especially a Blacklister like the Troll Farmer, who represents a nefarious new wave of terrorism. But Red has betrayed hundreds of pissed-off criminals, and it looks like the Troll Farmer is returning in Season 10 in hopes of settling the score. He's in good company because Red has only made more enemies. Years later, Red is still on the run. 

The Troll Farmer returns to sow discord in The Blacklist Season 10

Like many Blacklisters on this list, the Troll Farmer reenters the fold in Season 10 after being recruited by Wujing for help stealing a high-risk cyber weapon. The drama centered around this weapon known as Hexroot, which in the wrong hands could be used to topple any government with the threat of cyber warfare. 

Or even, say, expose a secret FBI Task Force? Ressler immediately realizes that Red and the agents will be in trouble if Wujing uses Hexroot to reveal "all our [The Task Force's] case files and questionable tactics" to the public. As many fans know, "questionable" may be an understatement, so they need to hustle to get this issue contained.

Knowing the stakes at risk, the Task Force manages to get the Troll Farmer in custody, and he flips on Wujing after realizing Red is behind everything. Despite being angry at Red for his role as an informant, the Troll Farmer also fears Red, so he agrees to be involved in a set-up with Wujing to save his own skin. 

Under the guise of collecting evidence against Wujing, the Troll Farmer brings a fake suitcase designed to look like Hexroot to an agreed-upon location. But Wujing has been suspicious of the Task Force's activities, and instead of showing up, he sends the Freelancer to stir trouble. The Troll Farmer gets away, and the Freelancer finally lands in Red's custody (which the Task Force finds problematic). But a resolution against Hexroot and Wujing's latest shenanigans is still up in the air. 

How is Wujing planning on using Hexroot? Red has the Troll Farmer under his thumb for the time being, but the clock is ticking. Will the Troll Farmer prove resourceful, or will his bitterness take over their mission? 

The Troll Farmer ends up trolling the Task Force

What would the final season of The Blacklist be without a few twists and turns along the way? After the Task Force spends an entire episode apprehending the Troll Farmer for stealing Hexroot, he escapes and tells Wujing the location of the post office. But surprise: It is shockingly revealed that Red got to the Troll Farmer before Wujing did and that he hired him to be a double agent against Wujing. By the end of "The Troll Farmer Pt. 3," it's clear the Troll Farmer is back in good graces with Red, and he was in on Red's elaborate ruse to kill Wujing the entire time.

Not only that, the Troll Farmer helped Red eliminate the Task Force archives, virtually erasing his role as an FBI informant. It was an episode full of surprising moments and shocking betrayals, and the Troll Farmer was an integral cog in the machine of Red's deception. Considering the Troll Farmer started The Blacklist as Red's colleague, it seems fitting that his story ends like that, too. 

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