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Simon Cowell Was Asked to Judge a Couple Having Sex for $150,000

Just your average, everyday request. 

By McKenzie Jean-Philippe

Over the years, Simon Cowell has seen his fair share of extraordinary talent. As a Judge, creator, and executive producer of America's Got Talent and America's Got Talent: Extreme, it's hard to believe anything could shock him—especially considering the thrilling Acts he witnessed during Season 16 of AGT, specifically. 

But even the most seasoned professionals are prone to surprises, which was exactly how Cowell felt when met with an...erm, intimate proposition. During a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyersthe music exec explained that when he's out and about, fans ask him to judge their most random talents. However, one request stood out from the rest.

"This is a true story," Cowell told Meyers. "A couple came up to me in a restaurant and said, 'We'll pay you X amount of dollars to watch [us] having sex, and will I judge it?'"

Cowell joked that he "stupidly said no" and declined the offer. Still, Meyers was curious about how much the couple was willing to pay the star.

"I think from memory, I think it was about $150,000," Cowell said. No big deal! 

Meyers also couldn't help but notice Cowell's cast, a result of the AGT Judge breaking his left arm while bike riding in February. Despite the incident, though, Cowell is ready to get moving once more.

"[The cast] will be off in about another month or so, and then I literally will be back on my bike again," he said. "I do love it, I'm just not very good at it."

Cowell says he now has one more thing in common with his fellow AGT: Extreme Judge and professional stuntman, Travis Pastrana, who sustained his own injury in January.

"Travis, a week before me, was jumping off a building or something," Cowell said. "Apparently his parachute didn't open, so he broke his pelvis. Then, a few days later, I broke my arm. So, I sent him a note saying, 'We both got broken bones, you've just got the better story.'"

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