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Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon Were Two Wild Knights at Medieval Times

"This is the best day of my life," the "Pour Me a Drink" singer declared.

By Christopher Rudolph

Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon took a trip back in time — well, to their local Medieval Times.

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"Greetings, lords and ladies. I'm here with the one and only Post Malone, and today we're gonna kick it old-school...really old-school," Fallon said at the top of his Tonight Show excursion with the "I Like You" singer. 

"You look incredible," Fallon told Malone, as the two stood in full costume, dressed in their finest Tudor fashions. "At this point, in medieval times, you're actually 'Pre Malone.' You have not Malone'd yet."

The duo soon sat down for their feast at the Middle Ages-themed restaurant, ready to take in the entertainment of the era: A jousting match.

"This is the best day of my life!" Malone declared before they dug into their medieval feast.

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Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1114

When the queen of Medieval Times castle came to welcome Fallon and Malone, she told Malone she was a big fan of his work. "I really love your song 'Sunflower,'" she confessed.

"Are you a fan of The Tonight Show?" asked Fallon.

"We don't have television in medieval times, my lord," she responded.

"But you have Spotify?" he joked, confused.

Jimmy Fallon and Post Malone were jousting jokesters at Medieval Times

When it was time for the jousting match between the Yellow and Red Knights, Fallon and Malone cheered for their side's Yellow Knight — who, as Fallon noted, slightly resembled Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness — but just watching the jousting simply wasn't enough.

"I think we need to get out there," said Malone.

The duo reappeared in the fighting arena, dressed as knights, weighed down by their heavy helmets but ready for battle.

After a less than graceful sword fight, Fallon challenged Malone to a joust, which he accepted. The two rode their horses at one another, crashing their lances into each other before they fell to the ground in pain. 

Or so they'd have you think: In an editing trick, Fallon and Malone were revealed to be standing on the side with beers and popcorn in-hand, providing excellent sound effects as they watched the joust.

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After the match, they returned to the ring, and Fallon revealed he had "one more surprise" for Malone.

The queen returned, sword in hand. "I hereby dub thee, Lord Post Malone of Medieval Times," she said, knighting the singer after he got down on his knee. "Well, done, my lord."

"I just hugged the queen!" a genuinely excited Malone said.

Just another wild knight with Fallon on The Tonight Show.