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Watch AGT Host Terry Crews Break Out the Best Robot Dance Moves of All Time

"As I get older the moves get more subtle because you're like, 'I'm hurting,'" the America's Got Talent Host joked.

By Christopher Rudolph

Terry Crews has got talent.

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As Host of America's Got Talent, Crews is known for spreading his joy to the Acts and celebrity Judges. And Crews has a diverse set of skills himself, being a former NFL player, Brooklyn Nine-Nine star, author and, as it turns out, breakdancer.

When Crews appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in September 2016, Jimmy Fallon asked him about his high school days. Crews revealed that when it came to extracurricular activities, he went from "football to basketball to track to breakdancing."

The exchange led to Crews demonstrating some serious dance moves — specifically, his knack for doing the robot like no other. 

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Terry Crews on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 536


Terry Crews can REALLY do the robot

Of course, Crews couldn't resist showing off his robot moves. Motioning to The Roots for some music, he stood up and demonstrated his dancing skills to the delight of Fallon and the audience.

"As I get older the moves get more subtle because you're like, 'I'm hurting,'" he joked after he sat back down.

When Fallon asked Crews about his seemingly everlasting energy, the AGT Host said the key to energy "is gratitude."

"The more thankful you are, the more energy you get. I've been where I was ungrateful and you literally feel the energy sapped from you but once you find one thing to be grateful for all of a sudden you get the energy to do things," he explained. "I'm from Flint, Michigan. I'm a statistic that didn't go by the statistics, because a lot of my friends are in jail, a lot of my friends have died a lot of my friends are no longer here and here I am... doing what I love, which is amazing."

"You just feel the energy I feel happy, I feel joy. And that's for you too," he added, pointing out to the crowd. "Anybody in the world can find that."

AGT Host Terry Crews was a breakdancer in the '80s

"It was the middle of the breakdance phenomenon and I practiced like a fool. I had a crew, we were called the Big Man Breakers. We were all pretty big," he said, recalling how he was swept up in the breakdancing craze of the 1980s.

"We had cardboard in the basement and I would practice spinning on my head for hours. No girlfriends, nobody would even get near us," Crews continued. "I had the go-to move which was the robot. I have the best robot of all time. Even to this day."

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Terry Crews on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 536

After a taking off last week for the Olympics Trials, America's Got Talent Season 19 returns with an all-new episode on Tuesday, June 25, at 8/7c on NBC, streaming next day on Peacock.

In addition to Host Terry Crews, Simon CowellHowie MandelHeidi KlumSofia Vergara are back as Judges.