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Olympic Track & Field 2024: Where to Watch, Full Schedule

The race is on as top athletes in track and field compete in 48 separate events at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

By Jill Sederstrom
Meet Sha'Carri Richardson | Paris 2024 | NBC

The race toward Olympic gold is set to begin.

Within seconds, Olympic dreams can be made or shattered in track and field, as athletes run, leap and throw their way to victory.

The fastest and most skilled competitors in track and field are slated to compete in 48 medal events at the Paris 2024 Olympics, ranging from the 100-meter sprint to the 26.2-mile marathon. Team USA will also compete in events like the 400 meter hurdles, high jump, javelin throw and the decathlon.

Most of the events will be held in Stade de France, a stadium just outside Paris that can hold more than 77,000 fans, according to NBCOlympics.com.

Kennedy Blackmon and Sha'Carri Richardson run on an Olympic track.

Key athletes to watch 

On the track, sprinter Noah Lyles is hoping to add to his growing medal collection. Lyles—who has won six world titles during his career—took home gold at the 2023 World Championship in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m, a feat that hasn’t been achieved since track icon Usain Bolt won the same trio of events in 2015, according to Olympics.com. Lyles is also already an Olympic champion after racing his way to a bronze medal in the 200m at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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As the reigning fastest woman in the world, track superstar Sha’Carri Richardson is also considered an Olympic favorite. Richardson earned the impressive distinction after she set an event record in the 100m at the 2023 World Championships with a time of 10.65 seconds. She also earned gold in the 4x100 m relay and bronze in the 200m at the competition. Richardson is hoping for a triumphant comeback after getting suspended from the Tokyo Olympic team in 2021, after testing positive for THC, the chemical found in marijuana.

Noah Lyles poses with a miniature Eiffel Tower

All eyes will also be on Gabby Thomas, who qualified for the Olympic team by placing first in the 200m at the Olympic Trials. She placed second in the event at the 2023 World Championships, behind Jamaica’s Shericka Jackson, according to Runner’s World. It won’t be the first trip to the Olympics for Thomas, who picked up the bronze in the 200m and silver as part of the women’s 4x100m relay at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Dubbed the “best shot putter in history” by NBC Sports, Ryan Crouser is hoping to continue his Olympic dominance in the sport  in Paris. Crouser took home his first Olympic gold medal in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and then repeated the feat at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Crouse, who is primarily self-coached, is also credited with throwing the five farthest indoor and five farthest outdoor shot puts in history.

How to watch

Every day during the Summer Olympics, NBC will offer fans at least nine hours of daytime coverage of the Games’ most exciting events, including live finals coverage of swimming, gymnastics, track and field, and more. Considering the time difference (Paris is six hours ahead of the U.S.’s eastern time zone), fans will be able to watch the day’s most popular events live on NBC in the morning and afternoon. NBC will also deliver an enhanced Olympics primetime show each night, providing three hours of must-see entertainment.

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In addition, every event from the Summer Olympics will be broadcast live on Peacock, which will be home to an innovative Olympics hub that will include "curated rails of live and upcoming events, dedicated in-depth hubs for nearly 40 sports, medal standings and an interactive schedule.”

Nikki Hiltz smiles with her arms outstretched.

Complete schedule for Olympic track and field events

Thursday, August 1
1:30 a.m. ET: Men's & Women's 20km Race Walk Finals

Friday, August 2
4:00 a.m. ET: Main: Decathlon, W 100m R1, M 1500m R1 & more
4:00 a.m. ET: Men's Hammer Throw: Qualification
4:10 a.m. ET: Women's High Jump: Qualification
4:50 a.m. ET: Decathlon: Long Jump
6:10 a.m. ET: Decathlon: Shot Put
11:40 a.m. ET: Main: Decathlon, W 800m R1, M 10K Final & more
12:00 p.m. ET: Decathlon: High Jump
12:15 p.m. ET: Women's Triple Jump: Qualification
12:55 p.m. ET: Women's Discus Throw: Qualification
2:10 p.m. ET: Men's Shot Put: Qualification

Saturday, August 3
4:00 a.m. ET: Main: Decathlon, M 100m R1 & more
4:10 a.m. ET: Men's Pole Vault: Qualification
4:55 a.m. ET: Decathlon: Discus Throw
7:40 a.m. ET: Decathlon: Pole Vault
1:00 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): W 100m, Decathlon 1500m & more
1:10 p.m. ET: Decathlon: Javelin Throw
1:30 p.m. ET: Men's Shot Put: Final
2:20 p.m. ET: Women's Triple Jump: Final

Sunday, August 4
4:00 a.m. ET: Main (Prelims): W 200m, W 400mH & more
4:20 a.m. ET: Women's Hammer Throw: Qualification
5:00 a.m. ET: Men's Long Jump: Qualification
12:30 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): M 100m, W High Jump & more
1:50 p.m. ET: Women's High Jump: Final
2:30 p.m. ET: Men's Hammer Throw: Final

Monday, August 5
4:00 a.m. ET: Main (Prelims): M 400mH, W 400m & more
4:10 a.m. ET: Men's Discus Throw: Qualification
4:40 a.m. ET: Women's Pole Vault: Qualification
12:30 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): W 800m, W 5000m & more
1:00 p.m. ET: Men's Pole Vault: Final
2:30 p.m. ET: Women's Discus Throw: Final

Tuesday, August 6
4:00 a.m. ET: Main: W 1500m R1, M 200m Rep. & more
4:20 a.m. ET: Men's Javelin Throw: Qualification
5:15 a.m. ET: Women's Long Jump: Qualification
1:00 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): W 200m, M 1500m & more
1:50 p.m. ET: Women's Hammer Throw: Final
2:10 p.m. ET: Men's Long Jump: Final

Wednesday, August 7
1:30 a.m. ET: Race Walk Mixed Relay
4:00 a.m. ET: Main (Prelims): W 100mH, M 5000m & more
4:00 a.m. ET: Men's High Jump: Qualification
4:20 a.m. ET: Women's Javelin Throw: Qualification
12:30 p.m. ET: Main: M 400m Final, M 200m SF & more
12:55 p.m. ET: Women's Pole Vault: Final
1:10 p.m. ET: Men's Triple Jump: Qualification
2:20 p.m. ET: Men's Discus Throw: Final

Thursday, August 8
4:00 a.m. ET: Main: Heptathlon, M&W 4x100m Relays R1 & more
4:20 a.m. ET: Women's Shot Put: Qualification
5:00 a.m. ET: Heptathlon: High Jump
1:00 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): M 200m, W 400mH & more
1:30 p.m. ET: Heptathlon: Shot Put
1:55 p.m. ET: Women's Long Jump: Final
2:20 p.m. ET: Men's Javelin Throw: Final

Friday, August 9 
4:00 a.m. ET: Heptathlon: Long Jump
4:00 a.m. ET: Main: M 800m SF, W 100mH SF & more
5:15 a.m. ET: Heptathlon: Javelin Throw
1:00 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): Heptathlon 800m, M 400mH & more
1:40 p.m. ET: Women's Shot Put: Final 
2:10 p.m. ET: Men's Triple Jump: Final

Saturday, August 10
2:00 a.m. ET: Men's Marathon
12:30 p.m. ET: Main (Finals): W 100mH, M&W 4x400m & more
1:05 p.m. ET: Men's High Jump: Final
1:35 p.m. ET: Women's Javelin Throw: Final

Sunday, August 11
2:00 am ET: Women's Marathon

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Watch live coverage of the Opening Ceremony on Friday, July 26, on NBC and Peacock beginning at 12 p.m. ET. Telemundo will provide Spanish-language coverage beginning at 1 p.m. ET. Primetime coverage starts at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on NBC and Peacock.

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