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Matthew McConaughey's Got the Tonight Show's Tight Pants On

McConaughey's got his tight pants on in the Tonight Show sketch with Jimmy Fallon, following in Will Ferrell and Jennifer Lopez's white-booted footsteps.

By Samantha Vincenty

Among Jimmy Fallon's recurring late night sketches, "Tight Pants" is among the best known and the longest-running: The first "Tight Pants" duet with Will Ferrell debuted on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon back in 2012. And on January 11, "Tight Pants" returned to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as Matthew McConaughey was the latest celebrity to don those kicky white boots and a pair of practically-painted-on slacks for a duet with the identically-dressed Fallon.

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The success of any "Tight Pants" sketch hinges on two things: The inherent absurdity of the concept—which boils down to Fallon's mod character getting jealous of someone else's tight white pants—and his scene partner's ability to truly work it in that outfit. Anyone who's seen Magic Mike knows that McConaughey is more than up to the task. 

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Matthew Mcconaughey on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Episode 1901

Matthew McConaughey puts on the Tonight Show tight pants

Sporting vintage sunglasses to match his swingin' outfit and a very Texan belt, McConaughey made a hips-first entry onto the stage. In these moments, it feels as Matthew McConaughey is truly all pants. 

As in "Tight Sketches" past, their merry duet soon turns into a rivalry. 

"This weekend, Mayor Grimble is throwing his annual Pants Fest, and he's gonna declare my pants the tightest in the land," McConaughey informs Fallon. 

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"Well, I just heard from Postmaster Derek, and he said my pants are first class," Fallon retorts. "He even said he's gonna put them on a stamp!"

McConaughey's fiery, tequila-related speech wins the battle—though some would argue that everybody wins when Matthew McConaughey dances with a bottle of tequila on late night TV.

Watch "Tight Pants" with Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez

"Tight Pants" with Will Ferrell

Tight Pants

Ferrell starred in the o.g. Late Night sketch, setting the bar for silliness.

"Tight Pants" with Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lopez

Tight Pants with Matthew McConaughey, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera

This town isn't big enough for Jimmy Fallon and a crop-topped Jennifer Lopez, and Lopez wins the tight pants dance-off. 

"Tight Pants" with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell, and Christina Aquilera

"Tight Pants" with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell & Christina Aguilera

Former The Voice coach Christina Aguilera joined Ferrell and Fallon in the 2016 Tonight Show edition, in which Ferrell and Aguilera played a couple who love to wear their...you guessed it.