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What Mark-Paul Gosselaar's 17-Year-Old Daughter Honestly Thinks of Sir on Found

Gosselaar stars as the "vile" abductor stuck in the basement of his former kidnappee.

By Elizabeth Logan

It's a family affair for Mark-Paul Gosselaar, who plays the kidnapping mastermind Sir on NBC's hit drama Found, recently revealed that while his family is happy for his success, his latest role will take some getting used to.

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Ahead of the show's Season 1 finale on January 16, Gosselaar opened up about what his family thinks of the twisty series. Spoilers ahead: in the first episode, we find out that lead character Gabi Moseley (Shanola Hampton), who searches for missing children after surviving a kidnapping in her youth, is keeping the man who abducted her locked up in her own basement. And that man is Sir.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar's daughter reacts to his Found character, Sir

"I did watch the pilot episode with my wife and my daughter, who is 17, and after the big reveal at the end, my older daughter [Ave Lorenn], she had a hard time with it," Gosselaar told E! "She [admitted] 'I don’t like seeing you like that. But I’m gonna watch the show anyway.'" 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir

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In 2019, he opened up about his eldest son, Michael Charles, being exposed to Saved By The Bell in high school, recounting, “My 14-year-old son goes to school and is like, ‘Dad, the girls love you!’ and I’m like, ‘No, they love Zack Morris.' Honestly, my kids are ‘screenagers’ — if it isn’t something they can watch in five minutes, they don’t.”

On his character, "the man in the basement," Gosselaar deadpanned, "It’s not a large departure from who I am. I don’t abduct young children. I don’t do anything like this vile character I play. But the darkness is within me."

Gabi Mosely and Sir on Found Episode 10 of Season 1

He added that the character that made him famous, quippy teenager Zack Morris, who was charming and friendly, but could also be a bit of a schemer and a jerk. Though he's no Sir, said Gosselaar, "Zack Morris wasn’t the angel we thought he was. There’s a series on Youtube called 'Zack Morris Is Trash.' My buddy wrote that series. He's not wrong!"

On the cusp of turning 50 in March, the actor said he feels great. After Hampton commented that she was (practically) changing her Shameless co-star Jeremy Allen White's diapers when they met so long ago, Gosselaar chimed in, "I’m hoping this show goes on for so long that she’s changing my diapers," to which Hampton joked, "That's, like, two years away."