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Mayan and George Get Competitive at Chance’s Birthday in the Latest Lopez vs Lopez

It's a "Classic Lopez Backyard Banger" for the ages!

By Tayi Sanusi
Mayan, Quinten and George Lopez Vs Lopez

In Lopez vs Lopez Season 1, Episode 4, Mayan is forced to work through her unresolved feelings surrounding George's absence during meaningful events when he tries to plan a birthday party for Chance. It all starts with Mayan announcing they're celebrating Chance's birthday at the Bug Museum. However, George is quick to chime in, denouncing the "Dead Bug Party." 

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"They’re gonna love the Dead Bug Party. Clearly, Mayan didn’t try too hard planning that," says George sarcastically. "Was the Roadkill Museum closed?"

Although Mayan insists that she knows her son well enough to plan the perfect birthday, George tries to appeal to her emotions. 

"Come on, Mayan, this is my first birthday with Chance," he says. "Let me throw him a Classic Lopez Backyard Banger with a bounce house, a piñata, and chickens that start out as entertainment and end up as dinner."

Mayan is apprehensive about letting George take control but eventually acquiesces, assuming he'll drop the ball, so she can swoop in and save the day. 

However, to Mayan's surprise, George's party-planning skills are top-notch, sending her into a competitive rage during the celebration. When George's friend, Oscar (Al Madrigal), questions her about her strange behavior, Mayan insists her dad is spoiling Chance and inflating his expectations for future birthday parties. 

"I’m just annoyed that my dad has Chance thinking that every birthday has to be bigger and better, so next year, he’s going to expect a private party on a yacht like he’s El Chapo," she says.

The tension reaches a boiling point when Mayan chases after George with a cake knife in the bouncy castle, ultimately deflating it. When the duo is alone, Mayan admits that she's frustrated George is so invested in Chance's birthday when hers was always an afterthought. 

"You’re finally showing up for him in ways you never showed up for me, and I can’t handle it," says Mayan. "And now my kid’s birthday is ruined because I’m jealous."

Fortunately, George can relate to Mayan's feelings.

"So, I get why you were upset," he says. "I felt the same way when my grandma was nice to you when you were little. Mayan, I didn’t have any birthday parties or gifts."

As an olive branch, George surprises her with the birthday gift she always wanted: a dog—and all is well in the Lopez house...for now. 

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