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Why Kristen Brown’s Carrie Underwood Audition Caused an Epic Reba-Gwen Faceoff

Kristen Brown has a country voice that both Stefani and McEntire wanted. 

By Matthew Jackson

Both Gwen Stefani and Reba McEntire wanted Kristen Brown during The Voice  Season 24 Blind Auditions. But who got her? 

Kristen Brown's Blind Audition of Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" on The Voice Season 24

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Just moments after Brown launched into her song, Stefani pressed her button and turned her chair. It took just a little longer, but McEntire wasn't far behind, leaving fellow Coaches John Legend and Niall Horan to listen on the sidelines...and anticipate the showdown to come.

"You're very fortunate to have these two ladies fighting over you," Legend said when Brown's Audition was complete. 

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McEntire, noting her deep roots and wide range of connections in the country world, launched into her pitch first. 

Kristen Brown performs onstage during the Season 24 premiere of The Voice

"Carrie Underwood, a buddy of mine. Love the song, and you did it justice," she said. "I was very taken with your performance. I did notice a few little pitchy things, but your enthusiasm was wonderful. In my career, I've had a lot of mentors, so I am very fully aware of what you want to hear, what you need to hear, and I would love to be your Coach and help you out to win this competition."

Stefani, understandably intimidated by McEntire's country clout, pitched herself next.

"This is really difficult, because Reba's the Queen, so it's hard to find against her," she said. "But I'm going to fight her right now."

Stefani continued, "I thought you had a really interesting tone. You're like a diamond in the rough. The thing is, everything I try to pitch, [Reba's] done it as well, like 10 times more."

That prompted Legend to point out that Stefani has one accomplishment to her name that McEntire does not.

"She has not won The Voice," Legend said.

"She has not won The Voice," Stefani echoed, adding to Brown:  "I've done all the stuff that you want to do. I want to mother you."

Kristen Brown performs onstage during the Season 24 premiere of The Voice

McEntire, ever-confident in her decades of experience and achievements, was very quick to respond

"Lady Gwen, you are right. I have not won a season of The Voice...yet," she said.

Despite McEntire's pitch and status as a country legend, Brown ended up going with Stefani in what Legend and Horan termed an "upset victory." 

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"I'm gonna steal you, though, so you better behave," McEntire said.

Will Brown go the distance? Will Reba actually decide to steal her? Find out by watching The Voice Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.