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Jamie Dornan's Sweet Reason for Taking a Part in This 2020 Movie—With Only 8 Lines

He said to one of the film's producers, "Look, I will do anything." 

By Christopher Rudolph

Any true cinephile knows that "Edgar's Prayer," Jamie Dornan's song from the 2021 movie Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, walked so Ryan Gosling's "I'm Just Ken" could run.

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So when Dornan stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers on February 29, Host Seth Meyers had to ask him about starring in the 2021 wacky comedy with former Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo.

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"It was one of the best experiences of my life, like just hanging around with Kristen and Annie," Dornan said, reflecting on filming the cult favorite. "Just trying to keep up with them, and prove yourself that you're funny in that capacity with that company, it was incredible."

While the Fifty Shades of Grey actor was actually on Late Night to talk about the new season of his Netflix series, The Tourist, Meyers was curious how he landed another role, as Chaz the smooth jazz troll in the second Trolls movie, Trolls World Tour.

"You did a bit of a power play. You reached out and got yourself into the Trolls movie. Did you fully make like, 'I want to be in it for my kids?'" asked Meyers, referring to Dornan's three daughters.

Jamie Dornan reveals how he landed the role of Chaz the smooth jazz troll in Trolls World Tour

Jamie Dornan on Late Night With Seth Meyers Episode 1491

"Our kids were obsessed with the first Trolls movie, constantly listening to bloody Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick to the point of actual insanity," the actor explained. "Universal was involved in those films, and we made Fifty Shades with Universal. So Donna Langley, who runs Universal, is a friend of mine. I just said, 'Look, I will do anything, just put me in the second Trolls movie. I will walk on and I'll sneeze. I don't care, just put me in.'"

"It's a small part. I think I have about eight lines or something, but it was great for the kids," he added. 

Meyers then showed a picture of Dornan's character, Chaz, the smooth jazz troll, who plays a saxophone and has flowing red hair.

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"In Northern Ireland we're very famous for smooth jazz. So It was just a perfect fit, obviously," joked Dornan, adding that he would "kill to have that hair."

From Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar to The Tourist and Trolls, Dornan really has the range.