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Jon Cryer Hilariously Claims He Resembles This Saturday Night Live Star — Can You See It?

Jon Cryer joked that his next role would be playing this Saturday Night Live alum as he would look in "the year 2050."

By Jill Sederstrom

Extended Family’s Jon Cryer has an uncanny resemblance to another big name Hollywood star — as long as a time machine is involved. 

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Cryer took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to hilariously point out the physical traits he shares with Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson, sharing a photo of himself during his Two and a Half Men days.  

But there’s a twist to this looka-ike comparison: The past version of Cryer (before he opted to rock his current bald look) resembles a future version of Davidson. And we have to agree, time travel aside, we can see it. 

“I’ve decided my next role is going to be ‘Pete Davidson in the year 2050,’” Cryer quipped alongside the photo of himself. 

Does Jon Cryer look like Pete Davidson?

A split of Jon Cryer in 2004 and Pete Davidson in 2017

We can definitely see a resemblance between both Jon Cryer and Pete Davidson!

Davidson spent eight seasons on Saturday Night Live and returned to host the Season 49 premiere of the late night comedy show in October. He also stars in the Peacock series Bupkis and spent the fall of 2023 on a standup tour. 

Of course, it's not the only celeb Cryer is thought to look like.

Cryer himself was once known for having an iconic lustrous ‘80s ‘do when he famously took on the role of Phillip “Duckie” Dale in the John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink.  At the time, he was often confused with another young Hollywood star, Matthew Broderick. 

“I get mistaken for Matthew Broderick all the time,” Cryer confessed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2004. “The thing is, I was his understudy. My very first job was as his understudy on Broadway. And it literally, ever since then I’ve been just hounded.” 

One fan at a Santa Clarita McDonalds was so convinced he was the Ferris Bueller star that she continued to insist he was Broderick, even after Cryer showed her his driver’s license.

“She was like, ‘It’s fake. It’s fake,’” Cryer remembered. 

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By then Cryer was playing the straight-laced chiropractor Alan Harper in the beloved television comedy Two and a Half Men, where he did seem to bear a striking resemblance to a future Davidson. 

These days though, Cryer has decided to embrace his hair loss and shave his head, a decision he foreshadowed during a 2013 appearance on Conan. At the time, he called his seemingly full head of hair an “elaborate illusion” that was the “work of several talented professionals” who basically just used “paint” to pull off the look.

Jon Cryer smiles on the red carpet for the premiere of Big Time Adolescence

His more stream-lined look today suits him well even though it may be one feature that separates him — at least for now — from his comedian doppelganger. 

What is Extended Family?

When he isn’t making hilarious social media posts, these days Cryer can be seen on NBC’s new comedy Extended Family, where he plays Jim, a happily divorced father of two trying to navigate the challenges of co-parenting.

Abigail Spencer plays his ex-wife, Julia, while Scrubs Donald Faison plays Trey, the wealthy new man in Julia’s life.