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Found's Season 1 Finale Stunned Us with a Game-Changing Reveal About Sir

If you're still trying to lift your jaw from the floor after the Found finale, trust us, you're not alone. 

By Jax Miller

Read no further if you want to avoid spoilers about the gasp-worthy conclusion of Founds first season.

How to Watch

Watch the Season 2 premiere of Found Thursday, October 3 at 10/9c on NBC.

During Episode 13, viewers learned Sir (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) is back on the run after breaking free from his restraints, leaving little more than bloody handprints up the basement stairs that led to his freedom. Dhan (Karan Oberoi) — the only person who initially knew Gabi’s (Shanola Hampton) deep, dark secret — surmised Sir “lost it” when realizing Gabi was kidnapped in Season 1, Episode 12, unaware that she was found safe.

Sir’s breakout not only threatened Gabi’s secrets being exposed but also put Lacey Quinn (Gabrielle Walsh) — who, like Gabi, was once another one of Sir’s captives in the early 2000s — at risk. After all, Sir blamed Lacey for young Gabi breaking free two decades earlier, as Gabi explained to Dhan.

Sir Escapes Gabi’s Basement on Found Finale

Gabi trusted Dhan to pursue Sir while she was taking on one of her career’s most important cases: the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl, whom audiences learned of in Found’s series premiere. The case came back to the front burner after an anonymous tipster taped a photo of the missing child to the front door of Mosely & Associates, placing the missing girl at an unknown train station in the wee morning hours.

All the while, Gabi did her best to protect Lacey, not letting her in on her secret.

Gabi Mosely sits at a desk in a red shirt in Found Episode 113.

“Something else is going on, isn’t it?” Lacey wondered.

But with a small child's life on the line, Gabi couldn’t come clean just yet.

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Gabi and Sir’s Past on Found Finale

Those who paid attention to the first few seconds of the finale might have noticed the squeaking sounds of mice, which would come back later in the Season 1 finale. Found revisited a time in 2001, when young Gabi (Azaria Carter) was a new student in Sir’s English class. Sir immediately recognized Gabi’s intelligence, especially with her interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  

Kyle, a high school bully, threw a pencil at young Gabi and called her a “teacher’s pet.”

Sir stands at a desk in front of a whiteboard in Found Episode 113.

“Mr. Randolph, in my class, we don’t dim someone’s light no matter how brightly they shine,” said Sir in front of the other students.

Later, the bully told young Gabi that “smart isn’t sexy” after Gabi and Sir discussed the themes found in Lord of the Flies and Macbeth in the school’s hallway. Gabi then joined Sir for a private lunch in his classroom that afternoon when a passing student told Sir that Kyle was vomiting down the hall.

Sir would call Kyle’s ailments “karma,” just hours before kidnapping Gabi.

Where is Sir on Found now?

Meanwhile, as Gabi and her team searched for the missing girl, Dhan reported that he “got a hit” from one of his former C.I.A. contacts about Sir’s possible location. The informant, specializing in counterfeit passports, said “someone matching Sir’s description” obtained travel docs under the alias “Eric Lansing” and possibly boarded a flight in Washington D.C.

Gabi and Dhan presumed Sir realized Gabi was safe from her most recent kidnapping, therefore deciding to go on the lam. Dhan opted to help Gabi by returning to her basement, scrubbing away any evidence that Sir was ever there.

“I’m erasing all traces of that bastard from your place,” Dhan told Gabi over the phone. “If he gets caught and tries to take you down with him ...”

“There’ll be no proof,” said Gabi. “No one will ever believe him."

But the latter part of the episode, Dhan revealed to Gabi that his informant reported that “Eric Lansing” boarded a flight from Baltimore to Amsterdam. That was when Gabi realized the anonymous tipster who left the photo of the missing girl at the train station was none other than Sir.

Gabi Mosely curls up on the floor near Dahn Rana in Found Episode 113.

“He knew how much this case meant to me,” said Gabi. “Maybe he saw it as a way to lure me back in. He believes that helping me is his purpose now. He thinks it binds us.”

It came with the revelation that Sir would never let Gabi go, prompting Gabi to finally reveal her secret of Sir’s captivity to the rest of the team.

As Gabi’s peers dealt with the emotional fallout of her revelation, Gabi returned to an empty home. There, inspecting a cabinet with Sir’s blood on it, she found rodent poison missing from her cabinet, leading to an epiphany that Sir poisoned the high school bully shortly before he kidnapped young Gabi.

In a flashback to the day of the kidnapping, viewers saw as Sir ominously said: “I will always be here for you, Gabrielle.”

If realizing Sir was responsible for a teenage boy’s poisoning wasn’t shocking enough, viewers were even more shocked when learning he was also responsible for poisoning Lacey’s dog. The season ended with Sir — believed to be jetting off for Amsterdam — hiding in Lacey’s home, as Lacey discovered someone had intentionally harmed her beloved pet.

Audiences are left reeling from the cliffhanger, but luckily, Found is slated to return for another season.

Catch up by watching episodes of Found on NBC and Peacock.