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NBC Insider Law & Order: Organized Crime

Here's Why Ainsley Seiger and Chris Meloni Are Organized Crime's Funniest Duo

Seiger knows how to play the long game when pranking Meloni.

By Jessica White

Law & Order: Organized Crime is the latest installment within the Law & Order franchise, and it's been a wild ride. 

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Christopher Meloni stars as Detective Elliot Stabler, returning to law enforcement to work alongside a brilliant group of detectives tracking down NYC's most corrupt illegal enterprises. One of his coworkers is the go-to hacker and Organized Crime fan-favorite Jet Slootmaekers, played by the hilariously-talented Ainsley Seiger.

Like her character Jet, Seiger can be a bit of a jokester, and Meloni always knows the perfect way to respond. Let's take a look at some of the most hilarious moments between Seiger and Meloni while working on Law & Order: Organized Crimewhich returns for Season 3 Thursday, September 22 at 10/9c. 

Seiger trolled Meloni in an interview

During an interview with The Knockturnal discussing Organized Crime, Seiger revealed that her favorite part about filming is making Meloni green with envy. “My favorite thing about filming right now is that Chris is super jealous of my hair and that I’m young and beautiful," she said. Meloni hilariously responded via Twitter with a simple "😑" emoji. We won't deny it: Seiger does have great hair. 

Despite being a newbie, Meloni claimed Seiger knows more than him

Meloni was on Law & Order: SVU for 12 seasons and has a whole additional filmography outside the Dick Wolf universe to his name. Still, the newbie Seiger was able to impress Meloni between takes for Organized Crime. "I said something about wanting to make sure that I stuck the landing on my mark before I delivered the punchline," Seiger told Looper. "He was like, 'Look at her. Three months in the industry and already she knows more than all of us!'" 

Seiger continued by explaining that as a rookie, she tries to stay open-minded while working on the drama series. "I am trying, at this point, to every day, to keep a super open mind. What's refreshing and the most relaxing part about being the newbie is that being the newbie affords you a lot of room to make mistakes. It also affords you the room to be able to keep a beginner's mind, which is such an important concept for any actor," she said. 

Seiger joked about Meloni doing splits between OC takes

In an interview with Looper, Seiger discussed how it feels to work alongside a Law & Order veteran. She only had nice things to say, at one point bringing up Meloni's famous split. (Context: Organized Crime fans freaked out earlier this year when Meloni released viral photos of himself doing a perfect split.) Seiger revealed that Meloni practices this maneuver while filming Organized Crime. "That's my favorite thing about working with him," Seiger revealed. "He can be very intense and very serious, and he can be very 'I'm protective Elliot Stabler.' When the cameras are not rolling, he is having the best time. I love to look over in the corner of the room and see him almost in splits, just hanging out."

Seiger wore Stabler-themed earrings to see how long it would take Meloni to notice

The most hilarious behind-the-scenes Organized Crime moment happened when Seiger chose to wear Stabler-themed earrings to work alongside filming scenes with Meloni. Danielle Moné Truitt, Organized Crime's Sergeant Ayanna Bel, even documented the event on Twitter, setting a phone timer to track how long Meloni would last before recognizing himself in Seiger's jewelry.

So, how long did it take our detective? Seiger grew tired of waiting for Meloni to notice, and after 31 minutes, finally cracked and pointed the earrings out. Stabler might be a super sleuth, but as for Meloni, the experiment was a hilarious one. 

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