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Good Girls
Three moms get tired of trying to make ends meet and rob a supermarket.

Good Girls

Good Girls

About the Show

When three suburban moms get tired of trying to make ends meet, they decide it's time to stick up for themselves by robbing the local supermarket at (toy) gunpoint. But when the manager catches a glimpse of one of them and the loot is far more than they expected, it doesn't take long for the three best friends to realize the perfect getaway will be harder than they think. From Executive Producer Jenna Bans ("Scandal") comes this comedy-infused drama that mixes a little "Thelma and Louise" with a bit of "Breaking Bad."

One-hour drama series

Universal Television

Executive Producer/Writer
Jenna Bans ("The Family," "Scandal," "Grey's Anatomy")

Executive Producer/Director
Dean Parisot ("Monk," "Galaxy Quest")

Executive Producer
Jeannine Renshaw ("The Family," "Grey's Anatomy")