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Simon Cowell's Most Heartfelt Moments on America's Got Talent

Simon Cowell has had a soft spot for many Contestants during his years on America's Got Talent. 

By Jackie Manno
Nightbirde | Simon Cowell's Favorite Golden Buzzer Moments | NBC's AGT

Those who tune into America’s Got Talent are familiar with Simon Cowell's sentimental side. Cowell first appeared on the AGT judging panel in 2016, and since then, he's demonstrated his sensitive and vulnerable side on many occasions. From encouraging performers to pursue their dreams to not being afraid to shed a few tears, here are Simon Cowell’s most touching moments with Contestants on AGT.

Nightbirde's Song Moved Him Deeply

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Jane Marczewski, who went by the stage name “Nightbirde," showed the world her strength when she performed her original song “Its OK,” which touched on her struggles with having cancer. During her Audition, her delicate voice soared over the soft piano music, leaving Cowell’s jaw open after she stepped away from the microphone. “Wow,” Cowell said in awe before all four Judges stood up to give her a standing ovation. Not only did Cowell enthusiastically give her a Golden Buzzer, he also got up on stage himself to give her a sincere hug. “God, that really got to me,” he remarked to the other Judges once she exited the stage. 

Reconnecting With Nightbirde Made Him Choke Up

When Nightbirde unfortunately had to withdraw from the competition due to her health issues, she met with the Judges virtually to have a heart to heart. “Thank you so much for auditioning on the show and singing such a beautiful song,” Cowell said, who was then unable to finish the next part of his sentence as he was holding back tears. 

After a four-year battle with cancer, Marczewski died on February 19, 2022.

He Will Never Forget Kodi Lee

Cowell and Host Terry Crews sat down together to reminisce about some of their favorite Golden Buzzer moments on the show. Unsurprisingly, the first name to be mentioned was Season 14 winner Kodi Lee, a young man with blindness and autism who blew the world away with his musical abilities. “It was magic,” Cowell said to Crews about Lee’s Audition. “I don’t know what it's like to live in Kodi’s world.”

Cowell added, showing his empathetic nature. “I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life." 

He Showed His Admiration for Mandy Harvey

Cowell and Crews also looked back fondly on Mandy Harvey, a singer who lost her hearing at the age of 18. “The fact that she was a great songwriter. The fact that she was a great singer. And she was a fantastic person. It was just everything," Cowell said. "This show wouldn’t be the same without her." 

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