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Glen Powell Adopted His "Son" Brisket While Filming Twisters in Oklahoma

While filming Twisters in Tornado Alley, Glen Powell decided it was time to "become a father."

By Clara Faulkner
What's the Name of the Tornado Team? | Twisters in Theaters | NBC

Glen Powell is thriving in Hollywood as an in-demand leading man, but when he’s off duty, the Twisters star embraces his role as a dad to his puppy, Brisket.

Powell stars in Twisters, the highly anticipated follow-up to the 1996 film Twister. This disaster thriller follows storm chasers as they track tornadoes to study their behavior and gather scientific data. In the film, Powell shares the screen with actress Daisy Edgar-Jones and Anthony Ramos.

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While Powell formed strong bonds with his co-stars on set, he also took on a different role: dog dad to his "son," a 1-year-old rescue puppy named Brisket.

"This Twisters movie made me realize that my heart was soft enough to become a father," Powell shared in a recent TikTok video. Being on the set of Twisters was a whirlwind experience for Powell, filled with intense storm-chasing scenes and the camaraderie of cast and crew, all while caring for his new puppy. 

Life on set filming Twisters

While on the Twisters set, Powell was busy playing Tyler Owens, a daring storm chaser and social media influencer. Offset, he was busy getting Brisket settled in to "keep him company" since "tornadoes just don’t cuddle the same."

Powell adopted Brisket from the Labelle Foundation, a Los Angeles dog rescue and rehabilitation organization. 

“When we were on the set of Twisters, that was like the first couple weeks I had him, we were on a set when a tornado touched down," the actor told USA Today.

It went down like this: In July 2023, Powell announced on Instagram that he needed extra security. "It's a ruff world out there, so I thought it was about time I hire a proper bodyguard," he wrote, showcasing Brisket as his new furry protector. The post featured playful photos of Brisket, capturing his new canine companion's adorable, floppy ears and big, dark eyes.

Instagram Sensation Brisket Powell

On Instagram throughout the filming of Twisters, Powell documented his time on set, frequently sharing photos of Brisket posing with the other actors and quickly becoming an honorary member of the crew. 

Brisket's charming presence and playful antics made him a beloved fixture on set. In fact, Brisket has his very own Instagram account under the handle @Hotbrisket, where fans can follow his adventures and see behind-the-scenes glimpses of life in Tornado Alley. Powell’s posts about the puppy often highlight the bond between the two, showing Brisket in various adorable and funny scenarios, endearing the pup to fans worldwide.

Ahead of the release of Twisters, Powell shared a collection of photos of his puppy on set. From cuddling with Edgar-Jones and Perea to sporting matching cowboy hats with Powell, it’s clear this pup became an integral part of the cast.

At the end of his photo dump, Powell shared a shirtless thirst trap selfie with Brisket in his arms, both gazing at the mirror. "Rumors are swirling about me leading a 'Homeward Bound' reboot that would crown me as 'Hollywood's King of the Animal Kingdom,'" Powell wrote.

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In a June interview with People, Powell expressed how deeply integrated Brisket had become with the Twisters team. "Everybody can be a dog dad, but I really feel like I bring him everywhere, so he has so many co-parents," Powell shared. 

He added in the interview that during the filming of Twisters, "every department took care of Brisket," with even his co-stars pitching in. Powell noted that because Brisket has been with the cast and is small, the pup has "been on every corner of the planet at this point, and he's unfazed by anything."

As fans await the stormy thrills of Twisters in theaters on July 19, Powell and Brisket's story serves as a reminder of the joy found in unexpected friendships, both on and off the big screen.

Twisters arrives on the big screen Friday, July 19. Want to see it two days earlier? Click here to pick up tickets for early access screenings on Wednesday, July 17.