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Glen Powell Says Filming Twisters Involved a "Jet Engine Hitting Us with Ice"

The director and stars of the upcoming natural disaster movie Twisters blew crowds away at CinemaCon — literally. 

By James Grebey
Glen Powell on His Sydney Sweeney SNL Cameo and His Dad's Bedside Photo of Matthew McConaughey

Perhaps it’s not surprising that filming a movie called Twisters wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. At CinemaCon on Wednesday, the director and stars of the upcoming natural disaster flick revealed what went into making the highly anticipated July release. 

“We all signed on thinking we were gonna be on a soundstage covered in dots,” explained Glen Powell. Instead, the Top Gun: Maverick and Anyone But You star said filming actually involved “a jet engine hitting us with ice.”

In the movie, which is its own stand-alone story rather than a continuation of the 1996 classic, Powell plays a hot-shot tornado chaser and social media superstar who is competing with Daisy Edgar-Jones’ more academic-minded researcher as they both chase down twisters while multiple storm systems seem poised to hit Oklahoma at the same time. 

“We were on location in 120-degree heat, racing through the plains of the Midwest,” explained co-star Anthony Ramos.

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According to reports from CinemaCon, the trio of stars gave audiences a taste of what they endured while filming Twisters, blasting the crowd with fans, confetti, and, yes, a stuffed cow, a reference to the most iconic part of the ‘96 original.

Why Lee Isaac Chung Is Directing Twisters

Director Lee Isaac Chung, who before Twisters was best known for small indie dramas like Minari, explained why tackling tornadoes actually made sense for him. 

“I’ve been fascinated by tornadoes all my life,” Chung, who grew up in Arkansas in tornado alley, explained. “When Twister came out in 1996, I was in high school, and was absolutely mesmerized.”

Daisy Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell, and Director Lee Isaac Chung on the set of Twisters

“We really want to bring audiences up close to things that are bigger than us and also create an experience with things that bring us fear, awe, and reverence,” Chung continued. “This is meant to be a joyful, fun ride.”

Steven Spielberg, who was one of the executive producers on the original movie, was not on stage at CinemaCon on Wednesday but he is a producer on this upcoming sequel. Chung was eager to share Spielberg’s storm bonafides, saying the legendary director was “an absolute tornado fanatic."

“If you made a tornado video and put it on YouTube, he has seen it,” Chung said. 

Twisters opens in theaters on July 19.