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Jimmy Fallon Fulfilled Amy Schumer's Dream of a Standup Set with Backup Dancers

The Era Tour's impact!

By Christopher Rudolph

Amy Schumer has come full circle on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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The Emmy-winning actor and comedian has been a regular on the late night talk show over the years, and her first appearance even made TSJF history.

"I was the first female comedian ever on your show," Schumer told Jimmy Fallon during her recent February 13 appearance. "You can't get rid of me."

"Thank you for doing that," said Fallon, who added that she "came and crushed it" for her debut. (To be fair, Joan Rivers, who's guest-hosted The Tonight Show in decades past, appeared in the premiere of Fallon's Tonight Show in 2014—but Schumer was also a guest that same year). 

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Their conversation spanned topics such as Schumer's wedding and the new season of her Hulu series, Life & Beth. But it was when she discussed touring where things got real.

Schumer revealed how hard it is tour as a standup comedian these days, when your competition for ticket money isn't other comedians, but some of the most famous pop stars on the planet.

"It's hard to tour right now because who are we competing with? Who has been filling up our feeds? Beyoncé and Taylor Swift," she said jokingly. "This is who I'm competing with. I love both of them. Did you see them in concert? I went. It is life-changing."

Amy Schumer speaks wearing all black as host Jimmy Fallon looks on on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

"I left there taller, stronger, wetter," she continued, adding that the most she can hope to do is make an audience chuckle.

"Why can't I be a star? Why can't I have backup dancers? A standup with backup dancers," said Schumer. "Is that too much for a gal to ask for?"

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As Fallon reminded her, this is The Tonight Show, where dreams come true five nights a week. So why hit the road and do standup when you can do a set right on TV?

Fallon handed Schumer a microphone and she made her way to the stage, where a team of backup dancers appeared from behind the curtain.

Flanked by the dancers as they grooved to a funky disco beat, Schumer lived out her standup special fantasies by telling one of her son's favorite knock-knock jokes.

Watch Amy Schumer's Tonight Show interview above.