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American Ninja Warrior 2024 Qualifiers Recap: Who Is Advancing?

The Season 16 ANW Qualifiers were an adrenaline-pumping watch. Here's what happened. 

By Jessica White

American Ninja Warrior is officially here, and Season 16's already reaching new heights.

How to Watch

Watch American Ninja Warrior Mondays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

Remember, the Mega Wall was raised to a jaw-dropping 18.5 feet last season, and the Ninjas still need to complete the entire course under 1:20 for a shot at the grand prize. However, this year, the Mega Wall's winnings have been doubled to $20,000, so Ninjas will need to be faster than ever for a shot at victory. Season 16 also includes the return of the Runoff Round, where the two Ninjas closest to making it to the Semi-Finals compete in head-to-head races to earn the final spot in either the Top 12 for men or the Top 4 for women for each Qualifier round.

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So, which Ninjas soared through the course and will return for the Season 16 Semi-Finals? Find a full recap of the results from the ANW Qualifying Rounds, below!

American Ninja Warrior Season 16 Qualifiers results: Who is going to Semi-Finals? 

Jenn Sanders during her run on American Ninja Warrior Episode 1601/02

ANW Qualifiers Round 1

For the first round of Qualifiers, Season 16's inaugural Ninjas faced some returning obstacles and some brand-new challenges on the course. Ninjas tackled obstacles Pole Vault, Reel to Reel, Dangerous Waters, Duck Duck Goose, Jaw Breakers, and the towering Warped Wall.

Check out who landed spots in the Semi-Finals from the first round of Qualifiers, here:

Jonah Brown

Completed Course (Time: 1:15.16)

Daniel Gil

Completed Course (Time 1:17.16)

Isaiah Thomas

Completed Course (Time: 1: 19.60)

Jody Avila

Completed Course (Time: 2:04.14)

Grant Kiningham

Completed Course (Time: 2:18.13)

Kyle Schulze

Completed Course (2:25.97)

Jonah Maningo

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:04.21)

Anthony Porter

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:11.29)

Jesus Capote

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:22.22)

Dillon Ruble

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:30.84)

Sam Folsom

Duck Duck Goose (Time: 0:15.02)

Jonas Harmer*

Duck Duck Goose (Time: 0:48.05)

* Runoff Winner

Isabella Wakeham

Completed Course (Time: 2:49.59)

Madelyn Madaras

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:47.35)

Karen Wiltin

Duck Duck Goose (Time: 1:24.42)

Ixchel Valentino *

Reel To Reel (0:03.99)

* Runoff Winner

ANW Qualifiers Round 2

Caleb Bergstrom during his run on American Ninja Warrior Episode 1601/02

For the second round of Qualifiers, the Ninjas tacked a slightly tweaked set of obstacles. The course featured Pole Vault, Double Twister, Dangerous Waters, Duck Duck Goose, Ring the Bells, Warped Wall, and, of course, the Mega Wall for Ninjas who managed to complete the Warped Wall within the time limit. A veteran Ninja managed the task for the first time this season, taking home the $20,000.

Check out who landed spots in the Semi-Finals from the second round of Qualifiers, here:

Caleb Bergstrom — Mega Wall Winner

Completed Course (Time: 1:05.17)

Nacssa Garemore

Completed Course (Time: 1:15.12)

Flip Rodriguez

Completed Course (Time:1:18.14)

Owen Dyer

Completed Course (Time: 1:25.80)

Alex Nye

Completed Course (Time: 1:56.30)

Benjamin Drake

Completed Course (Time: 2:07.16)

Lance Pekus

Ring The Bells (Time: 1:03.70)

Kyle McCreight

Ring The Bells (Time: 1:06.83)

Branden McWilliams

Ring The Bells (Time: 1:08.21)

Steven Cen

Ring The Bells (Time: 1:24.64)

Lenny Lopez

Ring The Bells (1:29.07)

Elijah Browning *

Duck Duck Goose (Time: 0:20.57)

* Runoff Winner

Anna Mcarthur during her run on American Ninja Warrior Episode 1601/02

Anna McArthur

Ring The Bells (Time: 1:35.66)

Jennifer Sanders

Ring The Bells (Time: 2:21.08)

Zhanique Lovett

Duck Duck Goose (Time: 0:44.33)

Lisa Hair *

Duck Duck Goose (Time: 1:12.69)

* Runoff Winner

ANW Qualifiers Round 3

Casey Rothschild during her run on American Ninja Warrior Episode 1603/04

The Qualifiers continued with another double round of Ninjas, this time tackling the Pole Vault, Ring Chaser, Spinning Bridge, Heavy Metal, Cubes, and Warped Wall obstacles. It was a family affair as several members of the Behrends family scored spots at the Semi-Finals. Only one Ninja managed to complete the course in time for the Mega Wall — but couldn't pull off the leap.

Check out who landed spots in the Semi-Finals from the third round of Qualifiers, here:

Levi Enright

Completed Course (Time: 1:21.76)

Kaden Lebsack

Completed Course (Time: 1:30.30)

Chris Behrends

Completed Course (Time: 1:38.68)

Ben Behrends

Completed Course (Time: 2:08.51)

Cam Baumgartner

Completed Course (Time: 2:11.63)

Max Feinberg

Completed Course (Time: 2:13.12)

Nathan Green

Completed Course (Time: 3:40.85)

Scott Behrends

Cubes (1:00.84)

Glenn Albright

Cubes (Time: 1:16.85)

Eric Middleton

Cubes (Time: 1:19.70)

Marquez Green

Cubes (1:27.22)

Tyler Yamauchi*

Heavy Metal (Time: 0:31.97)

*Runoff Winner

Emily Keener

Cubes (Time: 1:16.74)

Mady Howard

Cubes (Time: 1:39.16)

Anabella Heinrichs

Heavy Metal (Time: 0:51.11)

Violet Kepo'o*

Spinning Bridge (Time: 0:37.50)

* Runoff Winner

ANW Qualifiers Round 4

Noah Meunier during his run on American Ninja Warrior Episode 1603/04

The fourth round of Qualifiers boasted several of the obstacles as round three, but Ring Chaser got swapped out for the obstacle Reel To Reel, while Cubes were replaced by the dreaded Jaw Breakers. We saw several Ninjas complete the course, but none could scale the Mega Wall. The fourth round saw the return of ANW's 2024 Women's Championship winner, Addy Herman, who earned a place in the Semi-Finals.

Check out who all landed spots in the Semi-Finals from the fourth round of Qualifiers, here:

Matt Bradley

Completed Course (Time: 1:00.16)

Noah Meunier

Completed Course (Time: 1:04.81)

Jaw Lewis

Completed Course (Time: 1:05.22)

Sean Bryan

Completed Course (Time: 1:07.36)

Ramcis Valdez

Completed Course (Time: 1:23.48)

Jacon Arnstein

Completed Course (Time: 1:31.26)

Najee Richardson

Completed Course (Time: 1:34.83)

Noah Buschur

Completed Course (Time: 1:50.25)

Brandon Singletary

Completed Course (Time: 2:06.17)

David Campbell

Jaw Breakers (Time: 0:50.61)

John Uga

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:07.95)

Guang Cui*

Jaw Breakers (Time: 1:50.05)

*Runoff Winner

Casey Rothschild

Heavy Metal (Time: 0:22.85)

Taylor Johnson

Heavy Metal (Time: 0:26.95)

Addy Herman during her run on American Ninja Warrior Episode 1603/04

Addy Herman

Heavy Metal (Time: 0:28.18)

Jojo Grubesic*

Spinning Bridge (Time: 0:26.21)

* Runoff Winner

Originally published Jun 3, 2024.