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Why Jon Huertas Says He Wasn't Emotional on His Last Day Filming This Is Us

The actor, who plays Miguel, says he was "more focused and concerned" about something else. 

By Christopher Rosa
Jon Huertas As Miguel In This Is Us

The cast of This Is Us has officially wrapped filming the show's final season, and we've been hearing stories about what those final days on set were like. Mandy Moore (Rebecca) opened up recently on the Today show about the "emotional" experience of saying goodbye to her work family. But that's not the word Jon Huertas (Miguel) would use to describe his own experience. In fact, he was decidedly not emotional—and there was a reason for that. 

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"I wrapped [filming] about seven or eight days before everybody else," Huertas tells NBC Insider. "I didn't get emotional. I didn't cry or anything like that. My last day was also Eris Baker's [Tess] last day and Faithe C. Herman's [Annie] last day and Lyric Ross' [Deja] last day. It was emotional watching them. I didn't film the rest of my scenes until they finished. And just watching those kids who grew up on the show and what it meant to them—it was heartwarming and also so sad because these kids felt like they were saying goodbye to people who helped raise them. I was more focused and concerned about them than myself."

That being said, when the time did come for Huertas' final This Is Us moment, he did feel something: grateful. 

"It came as a surprise when they turned the camera around and said, 'This is Jon's last day! His last moment on the series,This Is Us! Say something!' And you're a deer caught in headlights,"  he tells us. "That's when you say, 'I just wanna thank'—I'm so thankful to have had this job." 

Fans are approaching the last days of This Is Us, as well. The final two episodes of the show will air May 17 and May 24 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. 

Reporting by McKenzie Jean-Philippe