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What Actually Happens When You Call These This Is Us Stars on Their New Hotline

Chris Sullivan, Sterling K. Brown, and Mandy Moore are launching a new This Is Us rewatch podcast — and they have an exciting way you can participate.

By Elizabeth Logan

If you've ever had a burning hot take about the hit NBC drama This Is Us — which for six emotional seasons followed the close-knit Pearson family in the past, present, and ultimately, future — now is your time to shine.

How to Watch

Watch This Is Us episodes on NBC.

Three of the main cast members have launched a rewatch podcast called, appropriately, That Was Us, and they're asking for fan input. Via a hotline, you can leave a message asking a question or sharing what the show meant to you. You might even get a call back from the hosts!

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That Was Us is hosted by Mandy Moore (Rebecca), Sterling K. Brown(Randall), and Chris Sullivan (Toby). Between the three of them, they should be able to touch on almost every storyline and aspect of the show. In an Instagram video, Sullivan and his co-hosts explain that each episode of That Was Us will end with a viewer interaction, be it reaching out to a fan or answering a question someone sent in.

How to contact Mandy Moore, Sterling K Brown and Chris Sullivan of This Is Us

To add your two This Is Us cents, dial the #ThatWasUs Emotional Support Hotline at 412-501-3028. (Yes, that is a Pittsburgh area code, a nod to the Pearsons' hometown.) 

This Is Us famously made viewers cry on a weekly basis, so an emotional support hotline is not only necessary but long overdue.

Fans are already using social media to reach out to the podcast. As one of the top comments on the most recent posts reads,

"This show changed everything for my family. Coming from 45-50 year olds, we were taught to 'buck up' and just deal with it. Throughout the seasons we all suffered so much loss and This is Us was a way for us to all bond and it helped open lines of communication. Life changing - thank you 🙌."

What happens when you call the That Was Us hotline

Split of Chris Sullivan, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown

If you call, it's just like any other phone line going to voicemail. It rings and then you hear a recorded message.

"Hey friends, it's Mandy, Sterling and Chris," they say. Brown adds, comfortingly, "We think you're amazing and we love you, and we hope you're having a really great day today." Callers are instructed to leave their name and number along with their message after the beep.

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That Was Us launches on May 14, and This Is Us is streaming now on Peacock.