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Sterling K. Brown's Youngest Son Amaré Is His Mini-Me After Fresh New Haircuts

The This Is Us star surely passed down his confidence.

By Jackie Manno

This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown got a sleek new look, but not without competition from his youngest son, Amaré. 

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''My son and I both just got a haircut,'' Brown explained to the camera on Instagram on March 17. ''As I was getting my haircut my son came up to me and he said...what did you say?''

"I look better than him!" 8-year-old Amaré chimed in. 

"He said I look better than him! Not ironically, not softly, he said it with confidence. 'I look better than him.' So this is the question, ladies and gentlemen, you're gonna settle this for us. Please weigh in after you finish watching this video and say in the text below, either Amaré or Sterling. If you wanna add something to it, feel free to do so, but the question is, who looks better? Sterling or Amaré?'' Brown said as his son enthusiastically pointed at himself and jokingly imitated his father's laugh. 

''I will not take it personally. I think he is a very handsome man,'' Brown added. 

''Vote for meeeeee!'' Amaré exclaimed upon seeing a slew of votes for him in the chat. 

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''Is Amaré winning? Oh my goodness gracious! Your cousin Justin said it was you, dude. Well, somebody gave me a tie. I appreciate that very much. So however you do it, I'm not gonna take it personal,'' Brown said while looking at the comments. 

''Thank you guys!'' the young boy cheered, showing off his new 'do by shaking his head around. 

''Show them the hang time. I ain't got no hang time,'' Brown cheered his son on. 

We think they both look equally great!

See the funny moment down later in this article. 

All about Sterling K. Brown's family

Ryan Michelle Bathe, Sterling K. Brown and their sons attend the Premiere of Disney's "Frozen 2"

Along with Amaré, Brown also has a 12-year-old son named Andrew, who he shares with his wife, Ryan Michelle Bathe

When Brown was speaking to ET while on the red carpet at the 2024 Academy Awards, he talked about how his boys responded to his Oscar nomination for his role in American Fiction.

''They were very cool. They were like 'congrats daddy, hope you have a great time.' They were more focused on... they were about to play Fortnite, he's got his headphones on, 'right dad, love you!' That's pretty much how its goes,'' Brown said with a chuckle. 

He also discussed being heavily involved in his sons' hobbies in a red carpet interview with Extra that night. 

''My kids, they play flag football. I get into it. You never know who's gonna roll up on you, cause I'm so focused on the game, cause sometimes [someone] will be like 'hey, can I get a picture?' I'm like 'let me finish, my son's playing right now.''

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