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Sterling K. Brown Was Near Tears During Ke Huy Quan's Emotional Oscars Tribute

The This Is Us star received a heartfelt nod for all of his accomplishments. 

By Jackie Manno

Sterling K. Brown was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for the 2024 Academy Awards for his role as Clifford Ellison in American Fiction

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At the ceremony on March 10, when the winner of the Best Supporting Actor award was being revealed, actor Ke Huy Quan introduced Brown to the audience, highlighting his impressive work in both his extensive career and the critically acclaimed film. 

''Sterling, I know yours has been a long journey to get to this night. I can relate. And I'm so, so happy that you're finally being recognized by your peers. Your performance in American Fiction is extraordinary and transformative. And I am in awe. The magic your bring onscreen is outmatched only by the magic of who you are as a person,'' Quan said, while the camera panned towards Brown in the audience, who looked highly emotional and near tears.

“Don’t make me cry!” he appeared to say in response.

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Sterling K. Brown talks about his family at the 2024 Oscars red carpet

During the red carpet, Brown was accompanied by his wife, actress Ryan Michelle Bathe. There, Brown revealed funny banter that he and his wife have gotten into previous years before his nomination. 

''My wife would get mad at me sometimes, because she would be like 'Don't you wanna go?' and I'm like 'I wanna go when I get nominated.' And now I'm here. And Laverne, I got nominated. Its real cool. I feel blessed,'' he told Laverne Cox, who was representing E! News.

In an interview with ET, he also talked about how his sons, Andrew, 12, and Amare, 8, reacted to their father's Oscar nomination. 

Sterling K. Brown and Ryan Michelle Bathe on the red carpet at the 2024 oscars

''They were very cool. They were like 'congrats daddy, hope you have a great time.' They were more focused on... they were about to play Fortnite, he's got his headphones on, 'right dad, love you!' That's pretty much how its goes,'' Brown said with a chuckle. 

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Brown also discussed how he likes to spend time with his sons in an interview with Extra.

''My kids, they play flag football. I get into it. You never know who's gonna roll up on you, cause I'm so focused on the game, cause sometimes [someone] will be like 'hey, can I get a picture?' I'm like 'let me finish, my son's playing right now.'''

According to Brown, he and his wife are equally intense at their son's games. ''We're both sort of maniacal. We make it work,'' Brown said while Bathe nodded in agreement.