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How Adam Levine Ended Up Singing at Adam Sandler’s Daughter’s Bat Mitzvah

The returning Coach of The Voice has a sweet story about how this happened. 

By Elizabeth Logan

For his daughter's Bat Mitzvah party, Adam Sandler asked a buddy of his to perform a couple songs. A buddy who happens to be once and future The Voice Coach and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine. Here's what happened.

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Adam Levine and Adam Sandler are friends

During a chat with Howard Stern, Stern asked Levine, "Is it that Sandler is so big that you can’t say no?" implying that playing a Bat Mitzvah is something Levine wouldn't want to do. But Levine is a musician who didn't consider playing music an imposition.

Split of Adam Levine and Adam Sandler

It was a week or two before the party, and Levine and Sandler are buddies who play basketball. "He’s a friend. We’re friends. It’s not like it was a cold call," Levine explained. "He knew I loved him…he knew I wasn’t gonna say no."

And the timing couldn't have been better. "It was really funny. This might not have been something I had the time to do had I not just literally just left The Voice. So I had all this free time," Levine said.

Sandler's pitch was "Come sing a song or two. No big deal," and Levine responded, "Shit, why not? Sounds great. Me and my wife [Behati Prinsloo] will come."

Adam Levine had a great time at the Bat Mitzvah party

Levine didn't say which of Sandler's two daughters was becoming a Bat Mitzvah, but Levine, who also comes from a Jewish background, left The Voice in 2019, and Sandler's daughter Sadie would have been 13 at the time, so it's likely the girl of honor was Sadie.

The singer noted that it was a huge and glamorous party, comparing it to the graduation party scene from Sandler's movie Billy Madison. And he was far from the only star there. Sandler apparently introduced Levine to Dustin Hoffman and fellow former Saturday Night Live star Kevin Nealon at the big bash. 

James Valentine, the lead guitarist for Maroon 5 who was also at the Stern interview, agreed that Sandler was a generous host. "He was so cool, he was so nice to me. A lot of times you do those things, and people are just talking to Adam [Levine]," he said. There are in fact six current members of Maroon 5 who are not Adam Levine. That said, Levine is the only one returning to the red chairs, as he will be back on The Voice for Season 27.

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