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Where to Watch Seth MacFarlane's Ted Prequel Series

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the TV series from Seth MacFarlane.

By Grace Jidoun

The original Ted movie and its sequel, Ted 2, were some of the best-loved R-rated comedies of the 2010s, giving rise to a slew of catchphrases and introducing an unlikely bromance between a 20-something slacker (Mark Wahlberg) and his, uh, trash-talking, hard-partying Teddy bear.

And now we have a TV prequel, in which we’re finally learning more of Ted’s backstory. Will we ever see a softer, younger Ted more akin to the generic plushies of our childhoods? The teasers provide a sneak peek, and we’re happy to report that Ted is just as raunchy as ever.

Where to Watch Ted TV Show

All seven episodes of the prequel series Ted are available to stream exclusively on Peacock.

John and Ted sit on the floor making phone calls

In case you're in need of a refresher: The original movie begins with a lonely 8-year-old John wishing his new Christmas present would come to life so he could have a best friend. He got more than he bargained for: the tough-talking teddy bear quickly shot to fame and became a local celebrity. We see John as an adult torn between his magical plushie and his beautiful girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis). Let’s be real, she had some competition: Ted partied with Flash Gordon and attracted a lot of ladies.

The prequel series is rolling back to 1993, and director-writer Seth MacFarlane is once again the voice of Ted. He is also a co-writer, along with Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, and the trio is fully embracing the ‘90s era. “The three of us were teenagers in the nineties and grew up in and around Boston, where the show takes place, so many of these stories are personal for us. We were able to put the characters through some of the same indignities and milestones we experienced back then,” MacFarlane joked in a press release.

Peacock shared the first images of the TV series, and we see that Ted is in peak form. Younger and perhaps a bit fluffier, he’s still eliciting smirks at the family dinner table and bonding with John over bong hits in his bedroom.

What is the Ted prequel series about?

In the prequel, we catch Ted after his 15 minutes of fame are over. He’s living at home in Framingham, Massachusetts, with 16-year-old John (played by Max Burkholder), and we can only guess what crazy hijinks he’s up to. MacFarlane says the plot “is based on the timeless truth that being 16 sucks. The only thing that makes it tolerable is going through it with a friend, even if that friend is a has-been magical teddy bear with a foul mouth and a proclivity for drug use.”

The cast of Ted sit around a dinner table on Ted Episode 1

Who else Stars in Ted?

Alongside Max Burkholder, who we know and love as young Max Braverman on Parenthood, Ted stars: Max Grimes as John’s dad, who famously played Will McCorkle in the ‘90s TV series Party of Five, and Alanna Ubach (Legally Blonde) plays his mom. Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why) rounds out the main cast as cousin Blaire.

Gear up for the Ted prequel series in January by streaming Ted now on Peacock.

All seven episodes of Ted are streaming on Peacock.

Originally published Nov 16, 2023.

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