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9 Sweet Photos of Sophie and Kevin (Now That We Know They're Endgame)

These two, am I right?

By Christopher Rosa
This Is Us' Teenage Sophie And Kevin At A Bonfire

In Season 6, Episode 14 of This Is Us, we finally learned that Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Kevin (Justin Hartley) are endgame. After decades of hot-and-cold reunions, it turns out these two were always meant to be. This storyline was the boost of serotonin TIU fans needed to outweigh the show's more heavier elements—which are only going to get worse as we near the series finale. 

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But let's not talk about that right now. This is a happy space—a space to celebrate Sophie and Kevin's love. As Breckenridge told NBC Insider after Episode 14, "I knew that the writers, producers, and [showrunner] Dan Fogelman always wanted them to end up together. It was just about really doing the characters justice, really letting Kevin find himself. It did take a long time for him. Even up until the rehearsal dinner he’s just dating these women that he has no business dating, which is pretty obvious. So I found it really validating that at the end of all of that, these two people really became who they are on their own and were able to find each other as their whole selves."

Weeks before he could confirm Sophie was Kevin's endgame, Hartley also told NBC Insider the conclusion to his character's love story was validating. "It’s earned," he said at the time. "So it might not be exactly what everyone wants, 'cause you can’t please everyone. But I think every single person invested in the show will go, 'Okay, that’s not exactly what I wanted' or, 'That is exactly what I wanted'—but regardless of the case, it's earned. And that makes sense. And that's how it ends. It's very satisfying." 

Satisfying indeed. Let's forget for a minute that This Is Us is ending and enjoy these photos of Sophie and Kevin being cute. Escapism, it's necessary! 

Young love. 

Teenage Sophie And Kevin smiling

They are the literal definition of high school sweethearts. 

This Is Us' Teenage Sophie And Kevin At A Bonfire

The way these two smile at each other!

Kevin and Sophie in a convenience store together

We're obsessed.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) standing togetherr

Honestly, it's the way they look at each other.

Sophie And Kevin Sitting At A Bar

It's giving "everlasting love."

Sophie And Kevin Looking At Each Other

We should've known it then!

Teenage Sophie And Kevin Looking Serious

But in true This Is Us fashion, fans were hypothesizing about Kevin's love life until the end.

Teenage Sophie And Kevin Sitting In A Car

And what an ending we received!

This Is Us' Sophie And Kevin At A Funeral

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