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Everything to Know About American Ninja Warrior Season 15

ANW Season 15 boasts new obstacles, a bigger Mega Wall, and more!

By Jackie Manno & Jessica White
Kaden Lebsack Is Determined to Make History | American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is back, and the stakes are sky-high for Season 15!

How to Watch

Watch American Ninja Warrior Mondays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

The action-packed competition series returns to showcase some of the world's most agile athletes pushing their bodies to the max as they attempt to compete for the $1 million grand prize. The Qualifying and Semi-Final rounds will take place in Los Angeles before the top placers move to the National Finals in Las Vegas. Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila return as ANW Hosts, as well as Zuri Hall weighing in on the action front and center.

Season 15 is already shaping up to be one of the most exhilarating runs yet. With each passing stage, the competition continues to be taken to new heights. Follow along to everything that’s happened in Season 15 of ANW, below. 

What's new about American Ninja Warrior Season 15?

Vance Walker competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Season 15 marks the first time Ninjas will compete against each other simultaneously in the exhilarating runoff round. Better yet, the proverbial Mega Wall is now a whopping 18.5 feet, the biggest it has ever been in ANW history. And for the first time ever, Ninjas will have to complete all six obstacle courses in a designated time for a shot at a $10,000 prize. 

Each season of ANW is unique to keep Ninjas on their tippy toes, so you can bet we have a few new obstacles. Season 15’s new nail-biters include "Pole Vault," "Greased Lighting," "The Getaway," "Ring the Bells," "Lass Launch," "Kite Surfer," and "Cubes." A top prize of $1 million will go to the winner who can conquer all four stages at the ANW National Finals.

“We keep making the course harder, and [the Ninjas] keep getting better. They keep training and it’s like the never ending quest for us to push the limit,” Arthur Smith told Deadline. “They started with building courses in the backyard, that was reasonably early in the run. Now there’s Ninja gyms everywhere and then to Coaches and then to trainers. Now we have kids, who say, ‘I’m not going to play soccer. I’m doing Ninja.'”

Who are ANW Hosts Zuri Hall, Matt Iseman, and Akbar Gbajabiamila?

Zuri Hall

National Finals Begin! - American Ninja Warrior

Zuri Hall is the proud sideline reporter for American Ninja Warrior, weighing in on the action and chatting with the Ninjas following their high-stakes runs. 

Outside of ANW, Hall is also a correspondent for Access Hollywood, a former correspondent on E! News, and a proud creator and producer of What's Good with Zuri Hall and hit podcast Zuri Hall's Hot Happy MessWhile Hall has certainly made her mark as a television personality, she also has a robust acting career and has made numerous guest appearances in The Arrangement, Nobodies, and the comedy series Hashtaggers. One of Hall's latest endeavors is co-hosting Macy's 4th of July Fireworks special alongside Hot Wheels™: Ultimate Challenge’s Rutledge Wood.

Matt Iseman

Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila hosting American Ninja Warrior.

Along with being a famed actor and comedian, Iseman is half of the host dream team on American Ninja Warrior.

Iseman broke into show business as a stand-up comedian, appearing as a recurring act on Comics Unleashed. Iseman also made appearances on The Greg Gutfeld ShowPremium Blend, and was a guest co-host on TODAY. He was a go-to consult on Clean House and Clean House Comes Clean, and later in 2017, he won NBC's The New Celebrity Apprentice. Outside of hosting ANW, Iseman hosted Peacock's daily morning show for the Tokyo 2021 and Beijing 2022 Olympics. 

Akbar Gbajabiamila

Pictured: (l-r) Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, hosts of American Ninja Warrior

Akbar Gbajabiamila is the other half of the hosting team behind American Ninja Warrior.

Before breaking into the entertainment industry, Gbajabiamila was a decorated NFL linebacker and defensive end with the Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers, and Miami Dolphins. After retiring from the NFL in 2008 and diving into his broadcast career, Gbajabiamila earned widespread fame as a host on NFL Fantasy Live before becoming part of the hosting crew at ANW. Outside of his obstacle course-related projects, Gbajabiamila hosted Miss USA in 2020 and in 2023 became the co-host of The Talk. Gbajabiamila is also the proud author of Everyone Can Be a Ninja: Find Your Inner Warrior and Achieve Your Dreams.

Who is going to the ANW Season 15 Semi-Finals after the Qualifiers? 

Miles Avery swings while completing the American Ninja Warrior Season 15 obstacle course
  • Luke Dillon (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Noah Meunier 
  • Jay Lewis (ANW Junior, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • James McGrath (ANW Seasons 2-9, ANW S14)
  • Kevin Rodriquez
  • Najee Richardson (ANW Seasons 7-12, ANW S14)
  • Evan Andrews (ANW Junior, ANW S14)
  • Mazeiah Andrade (ANW Junior)
  • Noah Jones
  • Verdale Benson (ANW Seasons 10-14)
  • Evan Bomengen
  • Ramcis Valdez
  • Addy Herman (ANW Junior, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Casey Rothschild (ANW Seasons 10-11, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Emily Gardiner (ANW Junior)
  • Taylor Johnson (ANW Seasons 11-14)
  • Kai Beckstrand (ANW Junior, ANW S13)
  • Jera Boyd (ANW Junior, ANW S14)
  • Hans Hertz (ANW Junior)
  • Cam Baumgartner (ANW Seasons 11-14)
  • Austin Gray (ANW Seasons 10-14)
  • Mike Silenzi (ANW Seasons 4-7, Seasons 9-11, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Nate Hansen (ANW Seasons 12-14)
  • Brian Beckstrand (ANW S7, ANW S8, ANW S13)
  • Roo Yori (ANW Seasons 8-14)
  • Tatsumi Yanaba (ANW S13)
  • Josh Ferguson 
  • Glenn Albright (ANW Seasons 10-12)
  • Emily Keener (ANW Junior)
  • Mady Howard (ANW S11, ANW S12, ANW S14)
  • Violet Kepo'o 
  • Jaelyn Bennett (ANW S14)
  • Daniel Gil (ANW Seasons 7-13)
  • Jody Avila (ANW Seasons 8-14)
  • Isaiah Thomas (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Joseph Rouse (ANW Junior)
  • Isaiah Wakeham (ANW Seasons 12-14)
  • Grant Kiningham 
  • Ian Dory (ANW Seasons 6-11)
  • Grant McCartney (ANW Seasons 7-13)
  • Simba Jones
  • Elijah Levee (ANW S14)
  • Deion Butler
  • Gary Weiland (ANW S14)
  • Isabella Wakeham (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Madelyn Madaras (ANW Junior)
  • Cailin Jewell
  • Sandy Zimmerman (ANW S8, ANW S9, ANW Seasons 11-14)
  • RJ Roman (ANW Seasons 10-14)
  • David Bergstrom-Wright (ANW S11, ANW S12, ANW S14)
  • Elijah Browning (ANW JuniorANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Nacssa Garemore (ANW Junior)
  • Vinnie Castranova (ANW S10ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Brandon Thomas
  • Austin Hair (ANW S13)
  • Johnny Brown (ANW Seasons 5-10)
  • Roberto Garemore (ANW Junior)
  • DC Banks (ANW S12ANW S13)
  • Josh Hemam-Ackah (ANW S13ANW S14)
  • Jason Grossman (ANW S13)
  • Jessie Graff (ANW S5, ANW Seasons 7-12, ANW S14)
  • Caitlyn Bergstrom-Wright (ANW S11, ANW S12)
  • Jeri D'Aurelio (ANW Seasons 7-13)
  • Jaleesa Himka (ANW Junior)
  • Kaden Lebsack (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Barry Boyd
  • Max Feinberg (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Scott Behrends (ANW S11, ANW S14)
  • Tyler Yamauchi (ANW Seasons 7-14)
  • Jackson Twait (ANW Seasons 11-14)
  • Ben Behrends (ANW S11, ANW S14)
  • Derrick Pavoni (ANW Seasons 9-11, ANW S14)
  • Chris DiGangi (ANW Seasons 4-6, ANW Seasons 8-14)
  • Cade Perkins 
  • Jawon Turner
  • James Wilson (ANW Seasons 6-11, ANW S14)
  • Taylor Greene (ANW Junior)
  • Maggie Owen (ANW Junior, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Riley Porter (ANW Junior)
  • Ally Tippetts Wootton
  • Sean Bryan (ANW Seasons 8-14)
  • Josiah Pippel (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Jonathan Godbout (ANW Junior, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Joe Moravsky (ANW Seasons 5-14)
  • Matt D'Amico (ANW S14)
  • David Campbell (ANW Seasons 4-14)
  • Ibrahim Hayek
  • Austin Baron 
  • Alex Goodwin (ANW S11)
  • Jamie Rahn (ANW S2, ANW Seasons 4-14)
  • Nate Tackett (ANW S10, ANW S13)
  • John Uga (ANW S10, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Abby Clark (ANW Seasons 9-11, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Rachel Degutz (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Michelle Warnky (ANW Seasons 5-13)
  • Brittney Durant (ANW Seasons 12-14)
  • Vance Walker (ANW Junior, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Benjamin Drake 
  • Cal Plohoros (ANW Junior, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Kyle Soderman (ANW S11, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Karsten Wiliams (ANW Seasons 5-12)
  • Sebastian Chrismer (ANW Junior)
  • Jonathan Bange (ANW S10, ANW S11)
  • Abel Gonzalez (ANW Seasons 6-13)
  • Nick Hanson (ANW Seasons 7-13)
  • Sylas Snider
  • Forest Strick
  • Erick Zamorano (ANW S14)
  • Clarisa Morris (ANW S14)
  • Rachel Brown (ANW S13, ANW S15)
  • Barclay Stockett (ANW Seasons 8-11, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Anna McCarther (ANW Junior)
  • Caleb Bergstrom (ANW S11, ANW S12
  • Alex Romer 
  • Ethan Bartnicki (ANW Junior, ANW S14)
  • Flip Rodriguez (ANW Season 4-14)
  • Enzo Wilson (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Ryan Stratis (ANW Season 4-11)
  • Brett Sims (ANW S1, ANW S2, ANW S4, ANW Season 6-11, ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Bob Reese (ANW S13, ANW S14)
  • Isaiah Lee
  • Kyle Schulze (ANW Season 9-14)
  • Matt Kalanz
  • Daniel Osmer
  • Zhanique Lovett (ANW 9, ANW 10, ANW S12, ANW S13)
  • Emma Pereyra
  • Ashley Bergstrom (ANW S11, ANW S12)
  • Dara DePaolo

Who is going to the ANW  Season 15 Finals after the Semi-Finals?  

Emily Gardiner and Michelle Warnky Buurma competing on American Ninja Warrior.

The Season 15 Qualifying rounds were intense, leaving zero room for error for many dedicated athletes. And the show continues to shake it up with a slight remix of the Semi-Finals rounds. For the first time, Ninjas are tasked with racing against their fellow competitors to claim their spot in the Finals in Las Vegas. 

Here's every Ninja proceeding to the Las Vegas Finals rounds:  

  • Kai Beckstrand 

  • Kaden Lebsack  

  • Jera Boyd  

  • Austin Gray  

  • Jackson Twait  

  • Hans Hertz  

  • Max Feinberg  

  • Barry Boyd  

  • Cam Baumgartner  

  • Mike Silenzi  

  • Scott Behrends  

  • Ben Behrends  

  • Taylor Greene  

  • Riley Porter  

  • Maggie Owen  

  • Mady Howard  

  • Tyler Yamauchi 

  • Nate Hansen 

  • Josiah Pippel 

  • Noah Meunier 

  • Jay Lewis 

  • Evan Andrews 

  • Luke Dillon 

  • Kevin Rodriguez 

  • Jonathan Godbout 

  • James McGrath 

  • Matt D'Amico 

  • Joe Moravsky

  • Najee Richardson 

  • Sean Bryan 

  • Rachel Degutz 

  • Taylor Johnson

  • Addy Herman

  • Emily Gardiner

  • Vance Walker 

  • Isaiah Thomas

  • Kyle Soderman 

  • Grant Kiningham 

  • Karsten Williams 

  • Jonathan Bange 

  • Sebastian Chrismer

  • Jody Avila

  • Joseph Rouse

  • Daniel Gil 

  • Cal Plohoros 

  • Benjamin Drake 

  • Madelyn Madaras 

  • Barclay Stockett 

  • Clarisa Morris 

  • Sandy Zimmerman

  • RJ Roman 

  • Elijah Browning 

  • Nacssa Garemore

  • Caleb Bergstrom 

  • Ethan Bartnicki 

  • Enzo Wilson

  • Brandon Thomas 

  • Vinnie Castranova 

  • Flip Rodriguez 

  • David Bergstrom-Wright 

  • Austin Hair 

  • Alex Romer

  • Johnny Brown

  • Jaleesa Himka 

  • Ashley Bergstrom 

  • Zhanique Lovett 

  • Emma Pereyra

Every Ninja advancing from Night #1 at the Las Vegas Finals

Madelyn Madaras competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Season 15 has been an era of change for ANW fans, and for the first time ever, Ninjas not only need to defeat Stage 1 of the ANW Finals to progress to Stage 2, but they also need to tackle the course under a jaw-dropping 2:50 time limit to proceed. Better yet, we'll see Ninjas duke it out against each other in Stage 2 of the ANW finals. But first, the 67 qualifying Ninjas needed to get the best times possible in hopes of competing against their rivals.

Below, find every Ninjas that has been slated to continue to Stage 2 so far. Don't forget - we still have Ninjas waiting to tackle Stage 1 next week! 

Caleb Bergstrom 

Completed Course (02:02.32)

Caleb Bergstrom competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Hans Hertz 

Completed Course (02:10.51)

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson

Completed Course (02:27.50)

Vance Walker

Completed Course (02:31.66)

Vance Walker competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Isaiah Thomas

Completed Course (02:31.75)

Joe Moravsky

Completed Course (02:32.76)

Ethan Bartnicki 

Completed Course (02:37.88)

Ethan Bartnicki competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Luke Dillon 

Completed Course (02:46.16)

Flip Rodriguez

Cargo Net (Timed Out)

Jonathan Bange

Thread the Needle (02:18.51)

Elijah Browning 

Thread the Needle (1:51.38)

Bob Reese 

Thread the Needle (2:02.73)

Jody Avila

Thread the Needle (2:03.55)

Brandon Thomas

Thread the Needle (2:24.73)

Karsten Williams

Thread the Needle (2:31.83)

Kai Beckstrand competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Brett Sims

Thread the Needle (2:34.10)

James McGrath

Thread the Needle (2:47.07)

All Ninjas advancing to Stage 2 of the ANW Las Vegas Finals

Alex Romer competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Season 15 of ANW is taking the competition to new heights as Ninjas prepare to face off in head-to-head races to advance to Stage 3 of the Finals. These Ninjas have proven they have the strength to get to Las Vegas, but will they have the speed to advance in the competition? The first two nights of the Season 15 Finals were a nail-biting watch, but the final times are in.

Below, find every Ninja advancing to Stage 2 and what head-to-head races we'll see in the next stage of the Finals. Check back next week to see which Ninjas won! 

Noah Meunier vs. Alex Romer 

Luke Dillon vs. Enzo DeFerrari Wilson

Hans Hertz vs. Flip Rodriguez

Nacssa Garemore vs. Jackson Twait

Josiah Pippel vs. Austin Gray

Josiah Pippel competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Ben Behrends vs. RJ Roman

Evan Andrews vs. Jonathan Bange

Joe Moravsky vs. Jera Boyd

Jera Boyd competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Elijah Browning vs. Kaden Lebsack

Caleb Bergstrom vs. Kyle Soderman

Ethan Bartnicki vs. Vance Walker

Vance Walker competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Isaiah Thomas vs. Daniel Gil

All Ninjas advancing to Stage 3 of the ANW Las Vegas Finals

Teenage Ninjas Dominate Head-to-Head Races in Semifinals | American Ninja Warrior | NBC

With the Season 15 finale on the horizon, we're closer than ever to finding out which talented Ninja will take home the $1 million prize and claim the title of Last Ninja Standing. Stage 2 was packed with action, with Ninjas racing head-to-head for the chance to tackle Stage 3. Ninjas took on six intense obstacles while racing against their fellow Ninjas: the Striding Steps, Double Salmon Ladder, Jawbreakers, Swing Surfer, Epic Air Surfer, and the white-knuckling Falling Shelves.

Which Ninjas ended up on top? Below, check out every Ninja heading to Stage 3 in the Season 15 Finale of ANW.

Noah Meunier

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson

Hans Hertz

Nacssa Garemore

Austin Gray

RJ Roman

Jonathan Bange

Jera Boyd

Elijah Browning

Caleb Bergstrom

Ethan Bartnicki

Daniel Gil

Kyle Soderman (Runoff Winner)

Vance Walker (Runoff Winner)

Stage 3 Results of the American Ninja Warrior Las Vegas Finals

R.J. Roman Conquers Stage 3 with Speed and Precision | American Ninja Warrior | NBC

Stage 3 is so close but still far from the peaks of Stage 4's Mt. Midoriyama, so it was up to the Ninjas to stake their claim for the climb. Ninjas faced the Patriot Pass, Stalactites, Slam Dunk, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Pipe Dream, Pressure Cooker, and Road Signs obstacles in Season 15's penultimate course. Ninjas could only scale Mt. Midoriyama in hopes of winning the $1 million by completing all seven gravity-defying obstacles, and eight Ninjas came out on top.

Check out the Stage 3 results, below: 

R.J. Roman 

Completed Course (05:28.23)

Caleb Bergstrom

Completed Course (05:40.09)

Caleb Bergstrom's Impressive Stage 4 | American Ninja Warrior | NBC

Noah Meunier 

Completed Course (05:47.48)

Nacssa Garemore 

Completed Course (05:53.12)

Ethan Bartnicki 

Completed Course (07:02.64)

Ethan Bartnicki competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Vance Walker

Completed Course (07:12.97)

Hans Hertz 

Completed Course (07:20.95)

Daniel Gil 

Completed Course (07:28.67)

Elijah Browning 

Road Signs (05:32.94)

Austin Gray

Road Signs (05:45.69)

Jera Boyd 

Road Signs (06:11.93)

Jera Boyd competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Enzo DeFerrari Wilson  

Road Signs 06:19.61

Kyle Soderman 

Ultimate Cliffhanger (01:29.84)

Jonathan Bange 

Ultimate Cliffhanger (01:38.09)

Who won Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior?

After successfully climbing Mt. Midoriyama with a final time of 00:26.75, Vance Walker achieved Total Victory and became the Season 15 Champion of ANW.

Vance Walker Beats Stage 4 and Wins $1 Million | American Ninja Warrior | NBC

However, it was one of the closest competitions yet, with a history-making eight Ninjas competing, including R.J. Roman, Caleb Bergstrom, Noah Meunier, Nacssa Garemore, Ethan Bartnicki, Vance Walker, Hans Hertz, and Daniel Gil. 

The energy was electrifying as seasoned ANW veteran Gil achieved Total Victory first in the Finals with a final time of 00:27.99. But the million dollars and season title went to the 18-year-old Walker after he narrowly beat Gil's time by a second. It was a white-knuckling race to the finish line in Season 15, so Walker's victory came with a flood of emotion. 

Daniel Gil competing on American Ninja Warrior.

"Oh my gosh, I have been working so hard for this," Walker told Zuri Hall following his victory announcement. "Like even climbing the tower was just the biggest dream of mine and just getting to be here and being on Stage 4. [I] can't even explain it. I was literally told I wouldn't be able to walk when I was a kid. Like, just keep going. Like, no matter what people say, if you keep working on your dreams, there's nothing holding you back."

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