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American Ninja Warrior 2023 Qualifiers Recap: Who Is Advancing?

It's clear the Season 15 Ninjas are taking the competition to new heights. 

By Jessica White

Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior is officially here, and viewers have been on the edge of their seats during the Qualifying Rounds. 

How to Watch

Watch the Season 16 premiere of American Ninja Warrior Monday, June 3 at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

The competition this season is unlike anything you've seen before, with a diverse group of Ninjas of all ages. We have sibling rivalries, father and son alliances, and returning veterans gracing the ANW stage, not to mention an impressive roster of debut competitors. You never know what will happen next during this competition.

Season 15 has certainly thrown a few curveballs at our Ninjas. The coveted Mega Wall has been raised to a mind-boggling 18.5 feet, the tallest it has ever been. Also: Competitors must now complete the entire course under 1:20 for the $10,000 prize, so the stakes are high. 

We also saw the introduction of the Runoff Round, where the two competitors closest to making it to the Semi-Finals race through a course for the honor of landing in either the Top 12 for men or Top 4 for women for each round. Find a full recap of the results from the ANW Qualifying Rounds, below!

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Who is advancing from the American Ninja Warrior Qualifying rounds to the Semi-Finals?

Legendary Teenager Kaden Lebsack's Semifinals Run | American Ninja Warrior | NBC

Season 15 of ANW features numerous new nail-biting obstacles within the Qualifying Rounds, such as the tricky "Pole Vault," the fast-flying "Greased Lighting," "The Getaway," the deceptively difficult "Ring the Bells," "Lasso Launch," the nerve-wracking "Kite Surfer," and the complicated "Cubes" obstacle. The Ninjas have been tackling it with zeal, but which dedicated athlete will soar through the competition to become the Last Ninja Standing and race for the $1 million prize? Only time will tell, so here are all the Ninjas advancing to the Season 15 Semi-Finals from the Qualifying rounds! 

Luke Dillon 

Completed Course (Time: 1:18.68)

Noah Meunier

Completed Course (Time: 1:19.91)

Jay Lewis

Completed Course (Time: 1:24.09)

James McGrath

Completed Course (Time: 1:33.06)

Kevin Rodriquez

Completed Course (Time: 1:39.79)

Najee Richardson

Lasso Launch (0:40.32)

Evan Andrews

Lasso Launch (0:40.77)

Mazeiah Andrade

Lasso Launch (1:03.50)

Mazeiah Andrade appears on American Ninja Warrior.

Noah Jones

Lasso Launch (1:07.03)

Verdale Benson

Lasso Launch (1:15.15)

Evan Bomengen

Lasso Launch (1:41.32)

Ramcis Valdez

Lasso Launch (0:17.05)

Runoff Winner

Addy Herman

Lasso Launch (1:00.23)

Casey Rothschild

Lasso Launch (1:07.24)

Casey Rothschild appears on American Ninja Warrior.

Emily Gardiner

Lasso Launch (1:31.73)

Taylor Johnson 

Lasso Launch (1:35.23)

Runoff Winner

Kai Beckstrand

Completed Course (0:54.80)

Mega Wall Winner

Kai Beckstrand appears on American Ninja Warrior.

Jera Boyd 

Completed Course (1:19.97)

Mega Wall Winner

Hans Hertz

Completed Course (1:28.17)

Cam Baumgartner

Completed Course (1:31.81)

Austin Gray

Completed Course (1:44.88)

Mike Silenzi 

Completed Course (1:58.50)

Nate Hansen

Ring the Bells (0:52.56)

Nate Hansen appears on American Ninja Warrior.

Brian Beckstrand

Ring the Bells (1:21.98)

Roo Yori

Ring the Bells (1:33.17)

Tatsumi Yanaba

Ring the Bells (1:47.14)

Josh Ferguson 

Domino Effect (0:23.34)

Glenn Albright 

Greased Lightning (0:03.81)

Glenn Albright appears on American Ninja Warrior.

Emily Keener

Ring the Bells (1:02.15)

Mady Howard

Ring the Bells (1:20.15)

Violet Kepo'o 

Ring the Bells (2:16.26)

Jaelyn Bennett

Greased Lightning (0:05.00)

Runoff Winner

Daniel Gil 

Completed Course (1:15.91)

Mega Wall Winner

Daniel Gil on American Ninja Warrior.

Jody Avila 

Completed Course (2:52.63)

Isaiah Thomas 

Lasso Launch (0:50.08)

Joseph Rouse

Lasso Launch (1:10.20)

Isaiah Wakeham

Lasso Launch (1:24.90)

Grant Kiningham 

Lasso Launch (1:25.76)

Ian Dory

Lasso Launch (1:28.55)

Grant McCartney

Lasso Launch (1:56.92)

Simba Jones

Kite Surfer (0:48.00)

Elijah Levee

Kite Surfer (0:56.63)

Deion Butler

Kite Surfer (1:18.03)

Gary Weiland

Kite Surfer (2:23.50)

Runoff Winner

Isabella Wakeham 

Lasso Launch (1:28.19)

Madelyn Madaras

Lasso Launch (1:31.17)

Madelyn Madaras on American Ninja Warrior.

Cailin Jewell

Log Runner (0:37.92)

Sandy Zimmerman

Log Runner (0:38.50)

Runoff Winner

RJ Roman 

Completed Course (1:06.55)

David Bergstrom-Wright

Completed Course (1:20.91)

Elijah Browning

Completed Course (1:35.34)

Nacssa Garemore 

Completed Course (1:40.03)

Vinnie Castranova

Cubes (0:43.94)

Brentnol Baker competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Brandon Thomas

Cubes (0:47.33)

Austin Hair

Cubes (0:49.05)

Johnny Brown

Kite Surfer (0:26.46)

Roberto Garemore

Kite Surfer (0:28.73)

DC Banks

Kite Surfer (0:29.39)

Josh Hemam-Ackah

Kite Surfer (0:26.46)

Jason Grossman

Kite Surfer (0:40.43)

Runoff Winner

Jessie Graff

Cubes (1:52.30)

Ginny MacColl competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Caitlyn Bergstrom-Wright

Cubes (1:52.73)

Jeri D'Aurelio

Greased Lightning (0:03.50)

Jaleesa Himka

Greased Lightning (0:03.64)

Runoff Winner

Kaden Lebsack

Completed Course (1:16.83)

Kaden Lesback competing in American Ninja Warrior.

Barry Boyd

Completed Course (1:42.21)

Max Feinberg

Completed Course (1:46.60)

Scott Behrends

Completed Course (2:03.93)

Tyler Yamauchi 

Warped Wall (1:45.06)

Jackson Twait 

Ring the Bells (0:46.03)

Ben Behrends

Ring the Bells (0:58.16)

Derrick Pavoni 

Ring the Bells (0:58.39)

Chris DiGangi 

Ring the Bells (1:09.63)

Cade Perkins 

Ring the Bells (1:22.08)

Jawon Turner

Ring the Bells (1:49.43)

James Wilson 

The Getaway (0:37.58)

Runoff Winner

Taylor Greene 

Completed Course (2:28.40)

Taylor Greene competing in American Ninja Warrior.

Maggie Owen 

Ring the Bells (1:44.80)

Riley Porter 

Greased Lightning (0:03.77)

Ally Tippetts-Wootton and Kyndal McKenzie competing in American Ninja Warrior.

Ally Tippetts Wootton

Greased Lightning (0:03.85)

Runoff Winner

Sean Bryan

Completed Course  (1:14.01)

Josiah Pippel

Completed Course (1:22.45)

Jonathan Godbout 

Completed Course (1:40.65)

Jonathan Godbout competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Joe Moravsky 

Lasso Launch (0:35.88)

Matt D'Amico 

Lasso Launch (0:40.47)

David Campbell 

Lasso Launch (0:54.59)

David Campbell competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Ibrahim Hayek

Lasso Launch (0:59.09)

Austin Baron 

Lasso Launch (1:35.46)

Alex Goodwin

The Getaway (0:21.04)

Jamie Rahn

The Getaway (0:21.61)

Nate Tackett

The Getaway (0:27.33)

John Uga

The Getaway (0:28.94)

Runoff Winner

Jenson Little competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Abby Clark

Lasso Launch (1:35.92)

Rachel Degutz

Lasso Launch (1:51.77)

Michelle Warnky

Domino Effect (0:28.21)

Brittney Durant

Roller Coaster (0:05.22)

Vance Walker

Completed Course (1:40.77)

Vance Walker competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Benjamin Drake 

Completed Course (2:55.45)

Cal Plohoros

Lasso Launch (0:44.46)

Kyle Soderman

Lasso Launch (0:52.21)

Karsten Wiliams

Lasso Launch (1:12.33)

Sebastian Chrismer

Lasso Launch (1:14.92)

Jonathan Bange

Lasso Launch (1:22.22)

Abel Gonzalez

Lasso Launch (2:23.43)

Nick Hanson

Kite Surfer (0:29.85)

Sylas Snider

Kite Surfer (0:31.65)

Forest Strick

Kite Surfer (0:36.97)

Erick Zamorano

Log Runner (0:26.43)

Runoff Winner

Clarisa Morris 

Lasso Launch (1:40.21)

Clarisa Morris competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Rachel Brown

Lasso Launch (2:17.92)

Barclay Stockett

Lasso Launch (2:33.37)

Anna McCarther

Kite Surfer (0:51.93)

Runoff Winner

Caleb Bergstrom 

Completed Course (1:20.37)

Mega Wall Winner

Caleb Bergstrom swings while completing the American Ninja Warrior Season 15 obstacle course

Alex Romer

Completed Course (1:21.75)

Ethan Bartnicki

Completed Course (1:25.96)

Flip Rodriguez

Completed Course (1:37.57)

Enzo Wilson

Completed Course (1:38.39)

Ryan Stratis

Completed Course (1:53.41)

Ryan Stratis jumps while completing the American Ninja Warrior Season 15 obstacle course

Brett Sims

Completed Course (2:28.25)

Bob Reese

Mutant Mayhem (0:41.27)

Isaiah Lee

Mutant Mayhem (1:11.84)

Kyle Schulze

Mutant Mayhem (1:20.10)

Matt Kalanz

Kite Surfer (0:32.59)

Daniel Osmer

Kite Surfer (0:33.21)

Runoff Winner

Zhanique Lovett

Mutant Mayhem (1:21.91)

Emma Pereyra

Kite Surfer (0:40.36)

Ashley Bergstrom

Greased Lightning (0:03.60)

Ashley Bergstrom swings while completing the American Ninja Warrior Season 15 obstacle course

Dara DePaolo

Greased Lightning (0:03.61)

Runoff Winner

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