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American Ninja Warrior 2023 Semi-Finals Recap: Who Is Advancing?

The Ninjas on ANW Season 15 have a need for speed — especially during the jaw-dropping Semi-Finals.

By Jessica White

The Season 15 American Ninja Warrior Semi-Finals are upon us, and the race to the $1 million grand prize and honor of becoming Champion has never been more intense.

How to Watch

Watch American Ninja Warrior Mondays at 8/7c on NBC and next day on Peacock.

After eight nail-biting Qualifying Rounds, we're looking at a lineup of Ninjas all with eyes set on victory. To get there, they'll have to show more tenacity than ever. 

"With the biggest changes in show history, Season 15 will challenge the Ninjas to race side-by-side and head-to-head across a high-stakes course with a spot in the National Finals on the line," NBC announced in a statement. "Additionally, the Mega Wall is even taller than before at 18.5 feet and, for the first time ever, Ninjas will need to complete all six obstacles in a designated time in order to earn a shot at the $10,000 prize." 

For the first time in ANW history, Ninjas are racing head-to-head during the nail-biting Semi-Final rounds. The season continues to bring the heat as we see cherished fan favorites duking it out against friends, family members, and longtime rivals in riveting new challenges. 

Packed with gravity-defying new obstacles like "Greased Lighting" and shockingly difficult twists like "Pole Vault," the pressure is on. Who will meet the moment? 

"Seeing people go head-to-head gives you a different energy. A different experience. It’s something we haven’t done on the main show..." ANW Host Matt Iseman told TV Insider. "This year in the Semi-Finals they’ll be racing head-to-head. So either go fast or go home."

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Who is advancing from the American Ninja Warrior Semi-Finals to the Las Vegas Finals?

Cobra Kai Beckstrand Eats Trouble for Breakfast - American Ninja Warrior

Here are all the Ninjas advancing to the Season 15 Finals! 

Kai Beckstrand

Completed Course (0:57.76)

Kaden Lebsack 

Completed Course (1:18.26)

Jera Boyd 

Completed Course (1:19.61)

Jera Boyd competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Austin Gray 

Completed Course (1:31.25)

Jackson Twait 

Completed Course (1:31.96)

Hans Hertz 

Completed Course (1:36.49)

Max Feinberg 

Completed Course (1:39.00)

Barry Boyd 

Completed Course (1:49.99)

Cam Baumgartner 

Completed Course (1:58.39)

Cam Baumgartner and Tatsumi Yanaba competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Mike Silenzi 

Completed Course (2:13.89)

Scott Behrends 

Sling Shot (0:25.86)

Ben Behrends 

Sling Shot (0:48.27)

Tyler Yamauchi 

Sling Shot (0:49.24)

Nate Hansen 

Sling Shot (0:51.89)

Jackson Twait and Nate Hansen competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Taylor Greene 

Completed Course (2:19.44)

Riley Porter 

Sling Shot (0:55.87)

Maggie Owen 

Sling Shot (1:04.58)

Mady Howard 

Sling Shot (1:10.33)

Josiah Pippel 

Completed Course (1:03.24)

Jamie Rahn and Josiah Pippel competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Noah Meunier 

Completed Course (1:07.16)

Jay Lewis 

Completed Course (1:15.81)

Evan Andrews 

Completed Course (1:17.89)

Luke Dillon 

Completed Course (1:32.73)

Luke Dillon competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Kevin Rodriguez 

Completed Course (1:34.95)

Jonathan Godbout 

Completed Course (2:01.31)

James McGrath 

Completed Course (2:04:59)

James McGrath competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Matt D'Amico 

Completed Course (2:11.85)

Joe Moravsky

Sling Shot (0:38.18)

Najee Richardson 

Sling Shot (0:49.34)

Sean Bryan 

Hopscotch (1:14.27)

Rachel Degutz 

Completed Course (0:59.71)

Taylor Johnson

Sling Shot (1:00.97)

Casey Rothschild and Taylor Johnson competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Addy Herman

Sling Shot (1:08.05)

Emily Gardiner and Michelle Warnky Buurma competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Emily Gardiner 

Hopscotch (0:51.02)

Vance Walker 

Completed Course (0:52.99)

Vance Walker and Isaiah Thomas competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Isaiah Thomas

Completed Course (1:08.33)

Kyle Soderman 

Completed Course (1:38.63)

Grant Kiningham 

Completed Course (2:00.59)

Karsten Williams 

Completed Course (2:14.56)

Jonathan Bange 

Completed Course (2:21.63)

Sebastian Chrismer

Sling Shot (0:36.43)

Jody Avila

Sling Shot (0:54.40)

Joseph Rouse

Sling Shot (1:00.43)

Daniel Gil 

Sideways (0:20.63)

Daniel Gil competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Cal Plohoros 

Sideways (0:22.79)

Benjamin Drake 

Sideways (0:28.24)

Madelyn Madaras 

Completed Course (3:02.97)

Barclay Stockett 

Sling Shot (1:16.37)

Barclay Stockett competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Clarisa Morris 

Sling Shot (1:34.41)

Sandy Zimmerman

Sling Shot (1:41.75)

RJ Roman 

Completed Course (0:48.76)

Elijah Browning 

Completed Course (0:53.89)

Elijah Browning competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Nacssa Garemore

Completed Course (0:56.14)

Caleb Bergstrom 

Completed Course (0:57.56)

Ethan Bartnicki 

Completed Course (1:08.26)

Ethan Bartnicki competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Enzo Wilson

Completed Course (1:28.08)

Brandon Thomas 

Completed Course (1:33.01)

Vinnie Castranova 

Completed Course (1:37.81)

Vinnie Castranova and Bob Reese competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Flip Rodriguez 

Completed Course (2:04.51)

David Bergstrom-Wright 

Sling Shot (0:42.12)

Austin Hair 

Sideways (0:31.11)

Alex Romer

Flying Shelf Grab (0:02.45)

Johnny Brown

Sling Shot (1:05.04)

Jaleesa Himka 

Sling Shot (1:01.40)

Ashley Bergstrom 

Sling Shot (1:21.93)

Zhanique Lovett 

Sling Shot (1:31.58)

Emma Pereyra competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Emma Pereyra

Sling Shot (1:56.41)

This article was first published on August 1, 2023. It was updated on August 15, 2023.

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