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Edward's Identity Was Finally Revealed on The Blacklist, and It Was Shocking

Fans of Spader's early work may squeal after finding out who plays Red's famously faceless pilot.

By Jessica White

As a criminal mastermind and international espionage icon, Raymond Reddington (James Spader) needs a reliable pilot. Red never knows when he may need to make a quick getaway, but as soon as he needs to hightail it, fans of The Blacklist know his reliable pilot, Edward, has always been at his side.

Not literally, though. Up until the final season of The Blacklist, we'd never come face to face with Red's longtime pilot. For over 200 episodes, Edward has remained in the cockpit, with all his lines delivered via intercom or off-screen. Naturally, Blacklist fans have concocted dozens of theories surrounding Edward's identity, not only as a character but also the actor who may play him. Edward's mystique has led him to join the ranks of the many faceless television characters who have humorously stayed hidden despite the fan interest.

That is, until Season 10, Episode 20 ("Arthur Hudson"), when we finally came face to face with the man who's been jetting Red all over the world. That's right, Blacklist fans, this is not a drill: Edward's identity has finally been revealed. 

Who plays Red's pilot, Edward, on The Blacklist?

After years of contemplation and circulating fan theories, Red's pilot is revealed to be played by Spader's Pretty in Pink co-star, Andrew McCarthy.

Like Spader, McCarthy is a member of the famed '80s "Brat Pack," starring in cherished films like St. Elmo's Fire and Weekend at Bernie's. Seeing Spader and McCarthy back in action together was a cheeky nod to their roles in Pretty in Pink. The gratifying reveal came just as The Blacklist closed in on its two-hour series finale, with Reddington on the run from the authorities. 

The Reddington Task Force is disbanded; after a season of shocking twists and turns, an overly curious Congressman, Arthur Hudson, has successfully forced Red into a corner. After assuming a mountain of legal blame to protect his Task Force colleagues, Red fled to his private airstrip to escape the authorities. Edward chimed in off-screen to tell Red that the FBI was arriving soon and they didn't have much time.

James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington

"Alright, Edward," Red sighed. "You know what to do. Let's go."

Just as the authorities caught up to Red's plane, they watched in horror as the aircraft exploded in the middle of take-off. Oh no! Red and his fearless pilot are dead!

Did that seem convincing? Because that's exactly what Red wanted the FBI and Task Force to think, despite giving fans a miniature panic attack. Moments later, we saw Red and his bodyguard/lover, Weecha (Diany Rodriguez), drive away from the scene, casually chatting about having the jet rigged with explosives "for years." 

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Red assured Weecha that it's never been a concern because "fortunately, Edward's an excellent pilot." Just as Red says this, their car approaches a man in the road carrying a parachute. It's Edward, and he escaped from the plane crash unscathed! 

But more importantly, we finally saw the famously faceless Edward! The Blacklist's final season has brought us constant surprises and shocking reveals, but many fans would agree the mystery of Red's illusive pilot being solved is one of the most gratifying moments of the series.