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What Happened to Emma Jacobs on Chicago Fire?

The paramedic played by Caitlin Carver had a scheme against Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) that backfired.

By Megan Lasher
Mikami Thinks Emma’s After Her Job | NBC’s Chicago Fire

Throughout the years, Chicago Fire has featured plenty of villains who have threatened the livelihoods (and even the lives) of our favorite Chicago heroes. Emma Jacobs (Caitlin Carver) was a particularly high-stakes example, as she plotted against multiple paramedics to and, eventually, all of Firehouse 51 in order to secure a job.

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Revisit Emma’s storyline on the show, from her start as a paramedic to her eventual defeat.

When did Emma Jacobs join Chicago Fire?

Emma debuted as a fill-in paramedic at Firehouse 51 in Season 10, Episode 17 ("Keep You Safe"), when Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) was out on a brief leave. She worked alongside Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and, from pretty early on, it was clear that she wasn’t exactly an amazing substitute for Brett in terms of her skill or demeanor.

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But in Episode 20 ("Halfway to the Moon"), Emma was seen skulking around the partners' truck, after which — as the women were treating an asthmatic patient — Violet realized that a mask she needed for the case wasn't in her bag. She suspected Emma, as did fans.

Emma Jacobs From Chicago Fire

What happened with Emma Jacobs and Violet Mukami on Chicago Fire?

Undermining Violet’s skill and being a subpar partner weren’t Emma’s only bad moves on the show, and it ultimately became clear that she was gunning for Violet’s job.

In Season 10, Episode 20 (“Halfway to the Moon”), Emma approached Paramedic Field Chief Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas)  — who had been reported to his higher-ups for kissing Violet on the job in Episode 16 ("Hot and Fast") — about the missing mask. When blaming Violet didn't work, she threatened to expose Hawkins' and Violet's then-ongoing relationship unless he fired Violet and gave Emma her position.

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How had Emma learned about the relationship? She'd previously asked Violet to borrow her phone to "look up the hours of a flower shop" and Violet had obliged. Emma did more than just Google; she found the receipts she needed to go after Hawkins. 

Though Emma also threatened Hawkins with exposure if he told Violent about her scheme, he came clean to his girlfriend in Season 10, Episode 21 ("Last Chance"), and the two tried to figure out what to do.

But then Emma showed her true colors to the entire Firehouse 51 team in Season 10, Episode 22 (“The Magnificent City of Chicago”). She and Violet were treating a patient amid a house fire when Emma became scared of the growing flames and ran out of the building, abandoning her partner at the scene.

She was fired from Firehouse 51 as a result of her actions.

Chicago Fire 1110 Violet Emma

Why did Emma Jacobs finally leave Chicago Fire?

Emma maintained her tenure at the Chicago Fire Department despite her firing from Firehouse 51 at the end of Season 10, much to fans’ chagrin. In Season 11, Episode 9 (“Nemesis”), viewers discovered that she was working for the Internal Affairs Department (IAD) when she was assigned to investigate the newbie, Sam Carver (Jake Lockett), over an alleged assault during a rescue attempt.

Emma told the IAD that Carver was not at fault, and considered that a “favor” for Firehouse 51. She told Violet as much, implying that the team would “owe” her a favor back, but Violet was angered at this, saying “Don’t pretend like you did 51 a favor.”

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Determined to get Emma away from the CFD for good, in Season 11, Episode 10 (“Something For The Pain”) Violet tried to report Emma's attempt to blackmail Hawkins. She was told there was not enough evidence because Hawkins' subsequent death meant he could not corroborate Violet's accusation.

However, in Episode 11 ("A Guy I Used to Know"), Violet was given Hawkins' personal laptop and discovered that he'd left himself a number of voice memos in which he discussed Emma’s blackmail scheme. It provided enough cause for Emma to be called into her boss' office... and she hasn't been seen on the show since.