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Why No One Should Be Underestimating Trishelle on The Traitors

Trishelle made bold (and accurate) accusations in the latest episode of The Traitors, helped along by her poker-playing background.

By Caitlin Busch
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Between all the backstabbing, scheming, and competing going on in The Traitors Season 2, the contestants can find a bit of familiarity in each week's episode at the Roundtable. And while it's rarely a relaxing time, the remaining contestants do get a chance to air their grievances and lay out their thought process each week as the Faithful and the Traitors play cat and mouse.

And in this week's episode, "Knives at Dawn," one player — Trishelle Cannatella — rose above the rest at the Roundtable to call out the remaining Traitors, successfully ousting one (Parvati Shallow) and namedropping the other (Phaedra Parks). 

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"I was going over my notes last night, and I was like looking back and I was like when did we start talking about Parvati, right?" Trishelle said. She noted that she really didn't have much on Parvati, but she did have plenty on Phaedra. Trishelle then went on to lay out point after convincing point about what had her convinced Phaedra was a Traitor. 

The most compelling point? "Dan is a smart gameplayer," Trishelle said of the first Traitor to be ousted from the season. "I knew that Dan was going to go to the Roundtable and say someone's name that was a Traitor because if he put a Traitor up there, it would pretty much absolve him from being a Traitor [in the eyes of the Faithful]. And I think he turned on you and I think that you're a Traitor." 

Of course, Trishelle didn't have any idea at the time that she was right (as audiences looked on knowing she was), but her argument was well thought out and convincing enough that several other Faithful joined her in questioning Phaedra, too.

Trishelle Cannatella smiles wearing a black and white dress on the red carpet

This is arguably the first time this season that we've really seen what makes Trishelle such a dangerous player in games like this. And no small part of it must be due to her years playing poker. At the top of the episode, Trishelle pulls Peter Weber (The Bachelor) into a private room to namedrop Phaedra. She tells him that she's noticed a "twitch" in Phaedra's eye — the exact kind of tell a seasoned poker player would notice in her opponents.

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While Trishelle is best known for her stints on The Real World and The Challenge, she's spent plenty of time at the poker tables. She's taken part in Celebrity Poker Showdown, the World Series of Poker, and even won a whopping $20,000 at the World Poker Tour's Celebrity Invitational in 2010. She's been a celebrity endorser for Absolute Poker and co-starred in a 2013 poker-based reality series alongside Survivor contestant Amanda Kimmel, Living the Life.

Trishelle also regularly posts about tournaments on social media and remains close with people in the poker circuit.

So, with all this experience in reading opponents at her disposal, how much longer will the Traitors hold out with Trishelle on her A-game?

Find out when new episodes of The Traitors premiere every Thursday at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. on Peacock alongside The Traitors: Postmortem after show. All of Season 1 is already available to watch on Peacock. 

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