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The Traitors React to Their First Big Loss of Season 2 as They Turn on Each Other

"There’s been a lot that’s gone terribly wrong for me in a short amount of time," the ousted Traitor admitted in the latest episode of The Traitors: Postmortem.

By James Grebey

The first half of The Traitors Season 2 was going really well for the Traitors. About half of the faithful had been voted off or murdered, but in Episode 6 one of the Traitors slipped up and found himself eliminated. To quote Dan Gheesling, “There’s been a lot that’s gone terribly wrong for me in a short amount of time.”

In The Traitors: Postmortem after show, Dan admits that his ousting was basically his fault — and his fellow Traitors agree. 

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Things started going wrong for Dan, who won Season 10 of Big Brother and was the runner-up in Season 14, when The Bachelorette’s Peter Weber pulled off a clever bait and switch by selectively leaking information about who had a Shield and in doing so implicated Dan. Once the focus was on Dan, he was trapped. The tactics that served him so well on Big Brother were not applicable on The Traitors

“Dan led to his own demise. He was very sort of weird and sort of strange acting and he never talked to anyone,” Phaedra Parks of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Married to Medicine fame said. “You can’t be too social but you can’t be a recluse ... People keep saying you don’t share, you don’t talk about the game, you are very suspicious.”

“I’ll create an elaborate bomb and speech and walk away and let the chaos ensue,” Dan said, explaining his winning Big Brother strategy. “Here I cannot leave the roundtable and I need to answer for everything I say. That’s a difficult position to be in.”

Dan Gheesling on episode 206 of The Traitors

Floundering, Dan accused Phaedra — a fellow Traitor — thinking that he could take the heat off himself by casting suspicion on her. Phaedra did not take kindly to that. 

“He basically said I was a Traitor, and from that point on, Dan can go to hell,” she explained. 

Phaedra, slighted, wanting to defend herself, and seeing that the writing was basically on the wall for Dan, used all of her legal experience to chew him out. The roundtable was convinced and overwhelmingly voted Dan out. Survivor’s Parvati Shallow, another Traitor, voted for him because not doing so would’ve made her seem suspicious. Phaedra said she voted for Dan “happily.”

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“I’ve played games like this before and I’ve been able to walk around people and make people dance and pull the strings,” Dan said. “Phaedra just took the strings and cut them up right in front of my face.” 

“No one ever wrote [my] name down in two seasons of Big Brother,” he continued. “A lot of people did today.” 

Season 2 of The Traitors is ongoing, and new episodes are available to stream every Thursday at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. on Peacock alongside The Traitors: Postmortem aftershow. All of Season 1 is already available to watch on Peacock. 

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