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SNL's Hilarious "Bad Couples" Sketch Is a Valentine's Day Gift

Bowen Yang plays a morning news reporter who uncovers the messiest meet-cutes in New York City in a standout Valentine's Day sketch. 

By Samantha Vincenty

The February 3 Saturday Night Live featured a Valentine's Day sketch, as the episode arrived 11 days before February 14 (and ahead of a break on Super Bowl weekend). The romance-centric sketch starred Host Ayo Edebiri and nearly the entire cast, as everybody got the chance to play one among many "Bad Couples." Everybody except Edebiri, that is, who wound up being a part of *two* bad couples. 

How to Watch

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"Bad Couples"—which, as of Sunday afternoon, was the episode's second most-viewed sketch on SNL's YouTube channel after the cold open—finds a morning news reporter named Danny Love (Bowen Yang) standing outside of Rockefeller Plaza, trying to speak with lovers who have an awesome how-we-met story. 

"When Harry Met Sally. Maid in Manhattan. The Godfather. So many iconic rom-coms were set here in New York City," Yang's character explained. "Today, I'm going to find real New York couples' meet cute stories to see if they're as good as the movies. So, let's meet some lovebirds!" 

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First up: A sweet young family (Chloe Troast and Andrew Dismukes) with a baby carriage. How did they get together? "We were both with other people, and we were cheating on them with each other," Dismukes' character says. 

"Oh, and then I got pregnant," the happy mom chimes in. Aw(?)!

Molly Kearney and Michael Longfellow during a sketch on Saturday Night Live Episode 1855

After Danny Love cuts the interview short, every subsequent Q&A is more awkward than the last. There's a student and her professor; two co-workers having an affair; and then that same coworker (Edebiri) with her oblivious husband.

"Nice to meet you, right now ONLY," the woman tells Yang's character in a panic the second time around.

The reporter encounters a pair of creepy siblings, cult members in an arranged marriage, and two people in a mutually-beneficial rental arrangement (Ego Nowdim and Please Don't Destroy's Martin Herlihy, in a rare non-PDD sketch appearance). 

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Danny Love appears more and more rattled as he realizes the truth: There is no such thing as a "normal" love story. Or, as he sees it, "No one has meet-cutes anymore, and love is dead." That's when he bumps into a handsome stranger (Marcello Hernández) and...watch the sketch above to see what happens. 

Ayo Edebiri poses in the IMDb Portrait Studio in front of a pink background smiling

Real or fictional, messy meet-cute stories are so entertaining, there should be a real-life version of this show (and there probably is someone making this show on TikTok as we speak). At the very least, we hope the seasonal sketch turns into a recurring bit.