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This Chicago Med Alum Appeared in the 200th Episode of The Blacklist

Bernard guest starred as all three Bostwick triplets in The Blacklist's landmark episode.

By Jessica White
Molly Bernard on The Blacklist

The Blacklist just celebrated an impressive milestone - the series' 200th episode—(Season 10, Episode 4's "The Hyena")—which was packed with action and shocking twists that had viewers glued to their screens till the last second. 

And if a treasure hunt led by Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader) wasn't nail-biting enough, Red's latest lineup of obstacles was set up by guest star Molly Bernard. Bernard played not one, not two, but three captivating characters in the landmark Blacklist episode as the Bostwick triplets with a twisted family history. 

Who did Molly Bernard play on Chicago Med?

Those familiar with the One Chicago universe may have recognized Bernard, who played Dr. Elsa Curry in Chicago Med, a third-year medical student who worked closely with Dr. Halstead in Seasons 4 and 5 of Dick Wolf's medical drama.

Who did Molly Bernard play on The Blacklist?

Most recently the actress played the three Bostwick triplets on The Blacklist: Cordelia, a strong-headed leader;  Alex, a paranoid agoraphobe; and Kendall, a tragic murder victim that leads the Reddington Task Force on a wild chase for the latest Blacklister.

The action begins with the Bostwick family attorney found mysteriously dead in a bathroom. Red suspects the man was murdered by Blacklister #200, the Hyena. The Hyena is a scavenging thief and murderer who has made a name for himself by targeting large family fortunes and slowly eliminating heirs until he can flee with their inheritance and assets.

The Bostwick family has an infamous reputation because after the famous financier Warren Bostwick died, he liquidated his assets into cryptocurrency and left a scavenger hunt of clues for his three daughters to decode and locate their inheritance. But the Bostwick triplets are estranged, leading the inheritance to go unclaimed for years. That is until Red realizes the Hyena is hunting the Bostwick triplets. At that point, Red decides he might as well beat the Hyena to the treasure. 

Molly Bernard on The Blacklist

The Bostwick triplets may have been unable to solve the clues to find the treasure, but Red knows that he and his Blacklister friend Robert Vesco (Stacy Keach) are the perfect people for the gig. Red assigns the Task Force to protect the Bostwick sisters, thereby slowing down his Hyena competition for the treasure. 

The Task Force first meets Kendall, who informs them that hunting down the scavenger hunt clues is useless due to her sisters' estranged relationship. Kendall is later found murdered, confirming Red's suspicions about the Hyena and leading the Task Force to visit Alex and Cordelia to offer their protection. Meanwhile, Red and Vesco solve the first of three clues. 

Alex denies the Task Force's offer for protection; she is an incredibly paranoid and fearful woman who has become agoraphobic due to the mystery surrounding her family's fortune. Meanwhile, Cordelia tells the Task Force she is traveling to the city for her sister's funeral and is willing to accept their protection and stay in the Task Force's safe house. Cordelia seems rather unbothered for a woman whose sister just died! 

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Later, Red and Vesco visit Alex under false pretenses and solve the second portion of the clue. But shortly after, Alex is taken by the Hyena to none other than the Task Force safe house, where Cordelia is waiting. Alex finds a room of drugged security detail, and it all begins to click. The Hyena was a red herring! Cordelia was the one hunting for the clues the entire time, hiring the Hyena to assist in her efforts and killing Kendall in the process. As soon as Cordelia receives Alex's final piece of the puzzle, she shoots and kills the Hyena, and her selfish agenda unfurls.

Red and Vesco solve the final clue around the same time Cordelia does, and she flees to her father's gravesite to destroy the last clue to prevent them from finishing the hunt. Red, always the wiser, tells Cordelia that she solved the clue incorrectly, assuming her father's epitaph to be the answer when it was her mother's nearby gravestone instead. Red shoots Cordelia in the foot before she can solve the puzzle and calls in the Task Force for her arrest. Red and Vesco solve the Bostwick inheritance hunt, placing another successful treasure hunt in their books. 

The Bostwick triplets ultimately told a tragic tale. A story that ended with only Alex earning a portion of her family's fortune after Vesco and Red deem her innocent of the twisted plans laid by her sister. Bernard gave a mind-blowing performance as the Bostwick sisters, each a uniquely fascinating unit and character, and Blacklist fans loved the twists and turns of their corrupt family. Bernard made the 200th episode of The Blacklist an episode that every fan needs to see!

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