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Is There a New Episode Of The Irrational on Tonight?

As the investigation in the church bombing heats up, The Irrational fans are eager to find out whether Alec Mercer and his ex-wife, Marisa, will unmask the mastermind behind the deadly hate crime.

By Jill Sederstrom

The Irrational’s Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin) has made a career out of using behavioral science to bring bad guys down, but unfortunately fans won’t see Alec outsmarting any new foes anytime soon. 

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With the identity of the third man involved in the deadly church bombing that claimed 13 lives and left Alec with severe burns still hanging in the balance, fans are eager to find out more about the sinister mastermind known only as Mathias. 

With that, Alec’s burgeoning new romance, and his continual quest to use his unprecedented behavioral science skills to bring even the most clever of criminals to justice, it’s no surprise that fans can’t wait to see what Alec and his trusty research assistants Phoebe and Rizwan, are up to next. 

But, unfortunately, viewers will have to wait. 

Is a new episode of The Irrational on tonight? November and December 2023

Sadly, the answer is no, there is no new episode of The Irrational tonight. In fact, there are no new episodes planned for Nov. 13, 20, or 27, or throughout December 2023.

When will new episodes of The Irrational return? 

The exact date of when new episodes of The Irrational will return is unknown.

Alec Mercer on season 1 episode 7 of The Irrational

When viewers last saw Alec, he was pursuing a new romance with former MI-6 agent-turned-corporate fixer Rose Dinshaw (Karen David). Their “24-hour date experiment” gave the two lovebirds a unique opportunity to get to know one another as they tracked down a killer connected to an art forgery ring and enjoyed some delicious meals and conversation along the way.

Alec not only unveiled the killer, he also seemingly scored another date with Rose — as soon as she returns from helping another desperate client in Paris.

The new romance wasn’t the only thing heating up. Alec’s FBI agent ex-wife, Marisa (Maahra Hill), was also closing in on the suspected mastermind of the church bombing that nearly took Alec’s life. Together with the help of her new love interest, Jace (Brian King), Marisa discovered that the mastermind of the bombing was likely an unknown man known only as Mathias. In the two decades that have passed since the deadly bombing, Mathias has continued to strike fear in his co-conspirators.

The suspected bomb maker, Wes Banning, tanked his own parole hearing after a shadowy figure, believed to be Mathias, appeared in the doorway of the hearing. And the man investigators suspect of planting the bomb was killed just hours before the FBI tracked him down in a death staged to look like a suicide. 

It’s clear there’s still a lot to unpack with this mystery and it’s only rational to conclude that Alec, Marisa, and the FBI will be back on the case in upcoming future episodes. 

To brush up on episodes of The Irrational before the unconventional crime fighter gets back to work, stream the series on Peacock.

Originally published Nov 13, 2023.