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Where to Watch NBC's New Crime Drama The Irrational Starring Jesse L. Martin

The Law& Order alum plays a behavioral scientist who helps solve unusual cases in NBC's newest crime series.

By Cydney Contreras & Jessica White

If you like cerebral crime dramas, The Irrational should be on your weekly watch list. 

How to Watch

Watch The Irrational on NBC and Peacock

Jesse L. Martin stars as Alec Mercer in NBC's thrilling new series that puts a twist on the typical procedural drama. Per the show description, "Alec Mercer is a world-renowned leader in behavioral science who lends his expertise to an array of high-stakes cases involving governments, law enforcement, and corporations with his unique and unexpected approach to understanding human behavior." 

Martin is joined on the series by actors Maahra HillTravina SpringerMolly Kunz, and Arash DeMaxi.

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As seen in the official trailer (which you can watch above), Mercer is asked to help in all sorts of investigations — a woman even asks him to investigate her own murder.

"I know people and why they do inexplicable things," Mercer says at one point in the trailer, later dropping a variety of terms related to psychological phenomenon like paradoxical persuasion and attentional blindness. 

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His knowledge of why people make the decisions they do — even when those decisions seem irrational — aids him as he attempts to solve all kinds of unusual and complex cases. However, despite his understanding of the human mind, he struggles to solve a crime he has a personal connection to that continues to haunt him. 

If this sounds like an enticing series to you, keep reading to learn where to watch.

Rose Dinshaw on season 1 episode 7 of The Irrational

Where can I watch episodes of The Irrational?

Episodes 1-7 of Season 1 are currently streaming on Peacock and on NBC.com.

The Irrational will then return for the final four episodes of Season 1 on Monday, January 29 at 10/9c.

Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin) holds his hand up while speaking

When did The Irrational premiere? 

The The Irrational premiered on NBC on Wednesday, September 28 at 10/9c and began streaming on Peacock the following day.

Alec Mercer (Jesse L. Martin), Phoebe (Molly Kunz), and Owen (Arash Demaxi) in a scene from The Irrational.

What is Jesse L. Martin like in The Irrational

Martin said that his reaction upon reading The Irrational's script was totally positive. “After the second read, I was like, ‘This is absolutely brilliant,’”he explained. “What a great gift to be given, to be handed, because I’ve never been given such delicious things to do and say.” 

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“The idea that all the powers at NBC — [Creator and Executive Producer] Arika [Lisanne Mittman] and the gang — saw me as [Mercer] is entirely flattering,” Martin told NBC Insider. “It says a whole lot about how much confidence they have in me, and I certainly hope that I pay off for them." 

Alec Mercer looking up with a smile on his face.

Originally published Aug 28, 2023.