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Yes, Jesse L. Martin Sings on The Irrational and Shows Off His Broadway Vocals

On Episode 4 of The Irrational, behavioral scientist Alec Mercer revealed he has some pipes.

By Joe Dziemianowicz

Jesse L. Martin’s portrait of Alec Mercer, a renowned behavioral scientist with a unique insight into human nature, gets deeper and richer each week on The Irrational, airing Mondays at 10/9c on NBC.

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Alec joins the list of the actor’s noteworthy dynamic characters, a list that already includes Det. Ed Green from TV’s Law & Order and Tom Collins, a role in the landmark musical Rent he played off-Broadway, on Broadway ,and in the film.

Tom Collins famously sings the “I’ll Cover You” in Rent, and that may come to mind during Episode 4 of The Irrational. Alec shares a short but sweet musical moment with his sister Kylie (Travina Springer).

Wait, so Jesse L. Martin sings on The Irrational? The short answer is yes, but only briefly. But we can always hope for more musical moments from the Broadway star.

What does Jesse L. Martin sing on The Irrational?

Rose Alec Marisa on The Irrational episode 104

Some people sing when they’re happy, and Alec Mercer's sister Kylie is one of them.

At her apartment, where Alec is crashing temporarily, she’s made dinner for the two of them. She’s belting “run to the rock, the rock was melting” as Alec walks in.

He knows the spiritual tune immediately: “Sinnerman” by Nina Simone. Alec joins in — “the rock was melting, all along that day ” — and adds a touch of husky harmony. It's a lovely musical moment between the two, and hints at what an incredible singer Martin really is.

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“You’re in a good mood,” Alec says to Kylie.

He’s right. She’s come to a game-changing decision about her priorities and what matters most to her. She’s been working three jobs, and has decided to take a break and find one job that’s a better fit. It's definitely a good reason to break out into song.

Fans of Martin’s vocal talents will no doubt be in a good mood to hear him sing, albeit just for a moment. Time will tell if Alec breaks out into a more extended song in the future. Maybe Mercer is a Rent fan? We'd love to hear some Broadway covers from the investigator!

Another possibility: Maybe Alec can join Gabi Mosely and the gang on NBC's Found, where they’re into karaoke.

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