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"Mom Doesn't Care": Watch Amy Sabotage Boston Rob in Final Deal or No Deal Island Challenge

It's the final challenge before the Deal or No Deal Island season finale, and the stakes are high for Boston Rob.

By James Grebey
LEAK: Amy Sabotages Boston Rob in the Final Challenge | Deal or No Deal Island | NBC

The finale of Deal or No Deal Isand’s first season is nearing, and there are only four contestants left — including the ringer, Survivor all-star Boston Rob. So, if there was ever a time when the pressure was on for the rest of the players, it’s now, with the final, record-setting game of Deal or No Deal drawing closer. Perhaps that’s why, in a clip from the penultimate episode, Amy tries to sabotage Boston Rob.

How to Watch

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The episode, which aired on Monday, features the final challenge of the season. (Deal or No Deal Island was recently renewed for a second season.) The four remaining contestants must venture into the Banker’s garden — which is more of an obstacle-filled hedge maze than it is a traditional garden, with pretty flowers and all that jazz. They’re looking for briefcases inside, and in the clip, Amy tries to trick Boston Rob into thinking that all the cases are accounted for. 

“We got the only three cases,” Amy says, out of breath as she passes by Boston Rob while they both hurdle obstacles. “You can believe me or not.” 

Can Amy Fool Boston Rob?

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Boston Rob, however, does not believe her. 

“Amy, why are you lying to me?” he says in a confessional. “There’s no point. You swore on your kids we were gonna be the final two! Kids, I hate to tell ya — Mom doesn’t care.”  

Amyy McCoy smiles on Deal or No Deal Island Episode 111.

Are Boston Rob’s instincts, honed from decades of reality show competition, correct? And even if they are, will Amy’s lie be enough to stop the game’s best player (on paper) from making it to the finale? Find out by watching the latest episode of Deal or No Deal Island.

The Season 1 finale of Deal or No Deal Island premieres on May 13 at 10 p.m. on NBC. All episodes will be available next-day on Peacock